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Nr: 26-27
September-October 2006

Porţi superbe şi Artişti populari
Splendid Gates and Popular Artisans
Porte magnifiche ed artigiani popolari
Făgăraşul medieval
The Stronghold, the Castle and the Museum
La Fortezza, il Castello ed il Museo
Drumuri mai bune în judeţul Braşov
Driving easier and safely
Plus facile à conduire
Târgul de vară Moieciu
Summer Fair Moieciu
La Foire d?Eté Moieciu
Gospodarul vămăşean
?The Householder of Vama Buzaului?
?Le fermier de Vama Buzaului?
Zilele Tărlungeniului
Tărlungeni's Days
Les jours de Tărlungeni
I giorni di Tărlungeni
Alai la Dumbraviţa
Dumbravita?s Days
Les Jours de Dumbravita
Fiii satului la Hărman
Harman?s Days
I Giorni di Harman
Turism de cinci stele la Braşov
Five Stars Tourism in Brasov
Turismo di cinque stelle a Brasov
Refacerea rezervaţiilor la Racoş
Sanctuaries, Amber and Basalt
Sanctuaires, Ambre et Basalte
Floare de colţ la Zărneşti
Zanesti?s Days
Les Jours de Zarnesti
I Giorni di Zarnesti
Comăna aniversară
Feast at Comana de Jos
Fête à Comana de Jos
Silvoturism la Apaţa
Sylvan Tourism at Apata
Turismo silvico a Apata
Hălchiul în sărbătoare
Businesses and Leisure
Affaires et loisir
Festivalul Cetăţii la Rupea
The Stronghold Festival
Il Festival della Fortezza
Şah internaţional la Predeal
The biggest Chess Contest
La maggior gara scacchistica
Infrastructura de afaceri
Brasov follows the French Model
Brasov suit le modèle français
Campionatul National de Modeling - Ghimbav

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Five Stars Tourism in Brasov



ARO PALACE SA invites you to be its guests in five modernized hotels, located in the very heart of Brasov. The offer is very generous, depending on the comfort degree: 5 stars at ARO PALACE, 4 stars at ARO PALACE Business, 3 stars at CAPITOL, 2 stars at COROANA Hotel and 1 star at ARO SPORT Hotel and POSTAVARUL Hotel.
The restaurants Cetate and CERBUL CARPATIN are located in the old center of Brasov. CASA PADURARULUI and PANORAMIC are waiting for you at the foot at the mount Tampa (955 m high). Tourists can enjoy here a reach offer of programs.

Aro Palace ? an Etalon of Refinement

Located on the historical centre, ARO PALACE is the only five stars hotel in Brasov, an etalon of refinement, tastefulness and professionalism. The hotel was inaugurated in 1938. In 1939 a new wing was added to the old building.
ARO PALACE Hotel already passed through the first phase of a modernisation process, consisting in raising the comfort to the five stars level, restyling the breakfast saloon, the front desk lobby, setting up at the 8th floor a Belvedere Club with restaurant, day bar and Business Centre, the establishment of the Conferences Centre ?Europe?.

300 dishes

The ARO PALACE restaurants have a prevalent European menu, with Romanian influences. There are about 300 different dishes served in the six restaurants:
The Blue Saloon ? capacity of 80 places
The Central Saloon/Day Club ? 250 places
The Big Hall ? 450 places
The Columns Hall ? 100 places
The Night Club ? 250 places
The Belvedere Restaurant ? 80 places


The four restaurants of SC Aro Palace SA Brasov have a very convenient location.
THE WINE CELLAR CERBUL CARPATIN and the restaurant CETATE ? are located in the medieval centre of Brasov; CASA PADURARULUI ? in the forest at the foot of Tampa Hill, the Restaurant PANORAMIC ? on Tampa Peak. Thanks to the saloons with capacities between 50 and 200 places, the restaurants are ideal location to host special events: dinner-parties, reunions, weddings, festive and protocol dinners. The personal includes chefs, cooks and waiters highly qualified to prepare and serve international and Romanian traditional dishes.

The Restaurant CETATE (1580)

The building hosting today one of the most famous restaurants in Romania used to be in the Middle Ages one of the strategic defence points of the ancient Brasov.
Dominating the surroundings, the Citadel offers its guests a very convincing medieval atmosphere and a unique view to the historical centre of Brasov. The clients are welcomed by troubadours and knights wearing medieval clothes, in a very joyful atmosphere.
Every issue of our review will present you the restaurants, the gastronomy and the reach range of dishes and services offered by SC ARO PALACE SA, deeply involved in developing the five stars tourism in Brasov.


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