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Nr: 26-27
September-October 2006

Porţi superbe şi Artişti populari
Splendid Gates and Popular Artisans
Porte magnifiche ed artigiani popolari
Făgăraşul medieval
The Stronghold, the Castle and the Museum
La Fortezza, il Castello ed il Museo
Drumuri mai bune în judeţul Braşov
Driving easier and safely
Plus facile à conduire
Târgul de vară Moieciu
Summer Fair Moieciu
La Foire d?Eté Moieciu
Gospodarul vămăşean
?The Householder of Vama Buzaului?
?Le fermier de Vama Buzaului?
Zilele Tărlungeniului
Tărlungeni's Days
Les jours de Tărlungeni
I giorni di Tărlungeni
Alai la Dumbraviţa
Dumbravita?s Days
Les Jours de Dumbravita
Fiii satului la Hărman
Harman?s Days
I Giorni di Harman
Turism de cinci stele la Braşov
Five Stars Tourism in Brasov
Turismo di cinque stelle a Brasov
Refacerea rezervaţiilor la Racoş
Sanctuaries, Amber and Basalt
Sanctuaires, Ambre et Basalte
Floare de colţ la Zărneşti
Zanesti?s Days
Les Jours de Zarnesti
I Giorni di Zarnesti
Comăna aniversară
Feast at Comana de Jos
Fête à Comana de Jos
Silvoturism la Apaţa
Sylvan Tourism at Apata
Turismo silvico a Apata
Hălchiul în sărbătoare
Businesses and Leisure
Affaires et loisir
Festivalul Cetăţii la Rupea
The Stronghold Festival
Il Festival della Fortezza
Şah internaţional la Predeal
The biggest Chess Contest
La maggior gara scacchistica
Infrastructura de afaceri
Brasov follows the French Model
Brasov suit le modèle français
Campionatul National de Modeling - Ghimbav

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?The Householder of Vama Buzaului?


The city hall Vama Buzaului organized recently the feast ?The Householder of Vama Buzaului?, an annual local feast celebrated the first Sunday after Virgin Mary?s day. According to the mayor Tiberiu Nicolae Chirilas, ?the fest?s purpose is to choose the best householder of the locality. The program of the seventh edition included a stock fair, a farming utensils presentation, the recompense of the most beautiful animal, a fishing contest and a folkloric show?.

Skilled Woodcutters

For the woodcutter?s contest, the biggest log ever has been brought form the forest. Ten participants accepted the challenge to prove they were the most skilled woodcutters. The competitors used the most performant saws in cutting the log quickly and correctly. Everybody forced himself to obtain a thin and perfect wood disk which will serve finally to manufacture various wood artefacts such as stools, little tables and other furniture articles.

Breeders and Beasts

The breeders from Vama Buzaului came at the contest with their best animals of theirs stables. The jury had a hard mission but finally offered the trophy for the best stallion to Moise Budilean and Vasile Popica, for the most beautiful caw.

Folkloric Show

On an outdoor stage, set up on the river Buzau?s edge, climbed folkloric bands from Prejmer, Budila, Teliu, Zizin, Tarlungeni and Vama Buzaului. The organizers ? County Council Brasov, County Centre for the Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Brasov, the authorities of Vama Buzaului ? included in program a traditional gipsy dance. The audience enjoyed the wonderful performances of the dancers.

The Beer Barrel

Two other contests were specially designed for men: fishing and beer drinking. Almost everybody wanted to participate at the last one. A young inhabitant who managed to drink faster than the others took home the big prize: a beer barrel. Fore the next year, the organizers promised to put at stake a bigger barrel for the thirsty contestants.


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