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Nr: 78-80
January-March 2011

Strategia de dezvoltare a judeţului Braşov
The Strategy for the Development of Brasov County
Die Entwicklungsstrategie für den Landeskreis Braşov/Kronstadt
Brassó megye fejlesztési stratégiája
Ziua României, la Nurnberg
Celebrating Romania's Day in Nurnberg
Der Tag Rumäniens in Nürnberg
Románia napja Nürnbergben
Cel mai mare edificiu gotic - Biserica Neagră
The Black Church, the Biggest Gothic Monument
Grö'ter gotischer Bau in Siebenbürgen
A legkeletibb gót épület - a Fekete templom
Şaguna - 160 de ani
Şaguna High School 160 - Year Anniversary
Şaguna - 160 Jahre
Şaguna - 160 év
Poiana Braşov: 'Cursa Trăsniţilor'
The 'Crazy Race' in Poiana Brasov
Schulerau/Poiana Braşov: 'Das verrückte Rennen'
Brassó Pojána: 'Háborodottak versenye'
Codlea: "Mărţişorul sau funia anului"
Codlea: " Mărţişor or the Year's Rope"
Codlea/Zeiden: Das Märzchen oder das Jahresband
Feketehalom: Márciuska avagy az év szalaga
Dragobetele - Ziua Îndrăgostiţilor la români
"Dragobete", The Romanian Valentine's Day
Dragobete - der rumänische Tag der Verliebten
Dragobete, a szerelmesek ünnepe a románoknál
Comuna Hărman: Fondul turistic
The Tourism Patrimony of Harman Commune
Hărman/Honigberg: Das Tourismus-Angebot
Szászhermány: turisztikai alap
Alungarea spiritului iernii
Chasing Away the Winter Spirit
Die Vertreibung des Winters
A tél szellemének eluzése
Predeal: Bun venit pe munte!
Predeal: Welcome to the mountains!
Predeal: Willkommen in den Bergen!
Isten hozott a hegyre!
The Fosnich's Holiday
Die Fosnich-Feier
A Fosnich ünnepe
Picturi pe piatră şi artă totemică
Stone Paintings and Totemic Art
Malerei auf Stein und Totemkunst
Kofestmények, totemisztikus muvészet

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The 'Crazy Race' in Poiana Brasov



The fourth winter edition of the 'Crazy Race' was organised in Poiana Brasov (on Bradu Ski Slope) at the end of January 2011 and it was considered the coolest charitable event in Romania. Several tourists from Romania and abroad took part in the event. The original pieces like a hospital bed, a prison cell and even Brasov airport were the attractions of the show.
The money obtained from the subscription fees paid by race participants were used for the project 'For a Better Education!' organized by the Rotary Club Brasov Citadel.

Miss 'Crazy Race'

Once subscribed, the female competitors entered the 'Miss Crazy Race' contest. It was not just any beauty contest. The participants had to be as crazy and venturesome as the race itself. Being an evening show, the Crazy Race opened with an exceptional laser light show.
'The Crazy Race has become a symbolic event for Brasov. We have organized a great After Race Party which included music and a laser light show. Year after year we have tried to bring this race to a new level and offer tempting prizes. We wish to thank not only the sponsors but also the participants and the audience who play the major role in this event which becomes increasingly popular,' said Mr. Mihai Filipescu, Manager of
The Rotary Club Brasov Citadel.

Substantial Prizes

The prizes at stake for the 'Crazy Race' have been substantial, their total value amounting to Lei 20,000. The prizes awarded for the craziest teams consisted of a weekend trip in Constanta for four persons (3rd place), a weekend trip in Sibiu for four persons (2nd place) and a four-day trip in Prague for four persons (1st place).

The Success of the Project

'Similar to the previous years, the 2011 edition of the Crazy Race was really successful. For four years, the money raised from the crazy race has been used for charitable purposes. The money donated this evening will be given to a group of secondary school children from Brasov to participate in a topic camp in Germany in the summer time. The crazy race was not the only surprise prepared by the organizers for tourists. They also offered a laser light show and a snowboard demonstration performed by the best instructors in Poiana Brasov,' added Mr. Mihai Filipescu, Manager of the Rotary Club Brasov Citadel.


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