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Nr: 60-62
July-September 2009

Turismul de tip paradores, în Braşov
Paradores tourism in Braşov
Paradores-Tourismus in Braşov
Paradores-turizmus, Brassóban
Prima conferinţă hotelieră din Transilvania
The first hotel conference from Transilvania
Die erste Hotellerie-Konferenz in Transsilvanien
Az első erdélyi hotel- és idegenforgalmi konferencia
Diversitatea, o şansă în plus
Diversity, an extra chance
Die Vielfalt als zusätzliche Chance
A sokféleség ? további esély
Festival ecvestru la Râşnov
The Equestrian Festival of Râşnov
Reitfestival in Rosenau
Rozsnyói lovasfesztivál
Talciocul de stil
The Style Fair
Flohmarkt mit Stil
Stílusos bolhapiac
Târgul de mirodenii
The Spices Fair
Der Gewürzmarkt
Festivalul Fanfarelor
The Fanfares Festival
Das Festival der Blaskapellen
Buzduganul de la Drăguş
The Dragus Mace
Der Streitkolben von Drăguş
A daróci buzogány
Noaptea de Sânziene la Şirnea
The Midsummer Night in Sirnea
Die Sânziene-Nacht bei Şirnea
Szentivánéj Şirneán
Zilele Codlei-Kronenfest
The Days of Codlea - Kronenfest
Die Zeidner Tage ? das Kronenfest
Kronenfest ? a Feketehalmi napok
Rotbav ? istorie şi tradiţie
History and tradition in Rotbav
Rothbach ? Geschichte und Tradition
Szászveresmart ? történelem és hagyomány
Tradiţii culturale la Predeal
Cultural traditions in Predeal
Kulturtraditionen in Predeal
Kulturális hagyományok Predeálon

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Diversity, an extra chance



The Contest ?Diversity - An extra chance for the future?, organised by the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation in partnership with the PER Regional Centre for Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and ?Divers? Association will take place during April 15th ? December 18th 2009.
The county phase of this contest took place in June at ?Unirea? High School in Brasov, to which pupils from Sacele, Ormenis and Budila participated. The pupils were grouped by teams and each team had to be made up of girls and boys and it had to contain members of at least two ethnic groups. The teams were accompanied by instructors and assessed by a jury made of representatives of the County Board of Education leaded by Ms. Vasilica Diaconu, Deputy General Education Inspector.

Elimination of prejudices

The goal of this contest was to eliminate prejudices regarding race, religion, political opinions, physical features, age or culture and discrimination. The topics of this set of questions were selected such as to determine the pupils to answer consciously that all human beings are born free and equal in their dignity and rights. The pupils had to prove that they knew most of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Romanian Constitution and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Other questions were related to the culture of Hungarian, German and Romani ethnic groups and to their symbols. The teams grouped around a table and answered to grid type questions.

Creative testing

Besides the theoretical examination, the pupils had to pass a creative-artistic test. The main condition was for the artistic product to reflect the interaction between cultures and not just separate elements from each culture. The program also compulsorily included one language minimum, other than Romanian, which had to be the language of a minority group in Romania. Dance, singing and originality tests were also included.
At the creativity part the children went beyond their limits and offered surprising moments. They presented folk costumes belonging to all ethnic groups and danced together dances specific to each ethnic group.


At the end of the contest, the pupils from Sacele were awarded the first place, for the topic of the multiculturalism by wearing Romani and Romanian folk costumes. The children danced ?Brasoveanca? to which other ethnic groups joined as well. The second place was awarded to the All-Round School of Budila for the Hungarian folk dance with the bottle on the head, and the third place went to the All-Round School of Ormenis for interactive games.
Sponsors: Romani Party, RomArt, Dahor Studios and the County Board of Education of Braşov.


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