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Nr: 58-59
May-June 2009

Centru UNESCO, în Cetatea Râşnov
Zilele Braşovului, ediţia a VIII-a
Brasov?s Days
Les Jours de Brasov
I Giorni di Brasov
Elena Udrea, la Braşov
Green and Cultural Tourism
Tourisme vert et culturel
Turismo verde e culturale
Festivalul medieval "Turnirul Cavalerilor"
The Knights Tournament
Le Tournoi des Chevaliers
Il Torneo dei Cavalieri
Ziua meşteşugurilor tradiţionale
The Handicrafts' Day
Le Jour des Artisanats
Noaptea Muzeelor 2009 la Braşov
Museums' Night
La Nuit des Musées
La Notte dei Musei
Festivalul primăverii, la Codlea
Spring Festival
Festival du Printemps
Festival della Primavera
Muzeul Ţării Făgăraşului "Valer Literat"
?Valer Literat? Museum
Le Musée "Valer Literat"
Il Museo "Valer Literat"
Festivalul dansului popular maghiar din Ţara Bîrsei
Folk Magyar Dance
La danse populaire Magyare
Danza popolare magiara
Festivalul Culturii Ţigăneşti
Gipsy Festivals
Festivals Gitans
Festival Zingaro
Fonduri nerambursabile pentru Cetatea Rupea
Rupea Fortress
La Forteresse Rupea
La Fortezza Rupea
Zilele Predealului 2009
Predeal?s Days
Les Jours de Predeal
I Giorni di Predeal
Părăul spiritual
Icons at Parau village
Icônes au village Parau
Icone nel villaggio Parau
"Ferestre, deschise, din suflet"
Soul's Windows
Fenêtres de l?âme
Finestre dell?anima
Ziua statului Israel
Jewish Celebration

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Predeal?s Days



During May 21-24, the town-resort Predeal resort hosted Predeal?s Days, the biggest local feast. The event was meant to promote tourism and tourist culture, traditional gastronomy, the Romanian popular song and dance, and attracted both tourists and inhabitants of Predeal. The organizers ? Predeal town hall and the city council ? also involved Vanatorul Cabin and Rozmarin Hotel, which have organized gastronomic exhibition and contests outdoors.

4 Days Show

As mayor Ionel Goidescu stated, local authorities want to make Predeal the Romanian Tourism Pearl, as it used to be once. ?We took profit of Predeal's Days to offer both tourist and locals a great four days show. The tourists who come in our resort must be happy to have chosen to spend their holyday at Predeal. For the outdoor cooking championship, we convoked the owner of Vanatorul Cabin - Stefan Bercea ? and the chef of Rozmarin Hotel ? Petrica Mandru, two famous figures of Predeal?s tourism?

Contests, Concerts and Exhibitions

Locals and tourists who participated at "Predeal?s Days" have enjoyed a high quality show. The well-known artists Maria Dragomiroiu and Andreea Balan, the mountain soldiers parade with torches, the exhibition of icons on rock (Daniela Teodoru) held in the St. Constantine and Elena church, children shows, clowns , drawings on asphalt, photo exhibition, chess and table tennis competitions, gastronomic contests and fireworks. For both organizers and participants the 4 days show was a great satisfaction.

Cooking Championship

Stefan Bercea, owner of Vanatorul Cabin also is the vice president of The Cooks? Association of Romania. He and Petrica Mandru, chef at Rozmarin Hotel have attended recently the Outdoor Cooking Championship. Vanatorul Cabin the won big trophy with . Stefan Bercea performance: the biggest omelette in the world. He used 30,000 eggs, 200 kg of bacon, 200 kg of cheese, 150 kg of onion, 150 kg of oil, 150 kg of red pepper, 1500 kg potatoes, 15 kg salt, 2 kg black pepper and other seasonings. They have spent six hours to prepare the omelette, which was approved by the Book of Records. Stefan Bercea is happy to represent Predeal in the world with this record.


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