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Nr: 56-57
March-April 2009

Baba Dochia
The old Dochia
Noul brand turistic al judeţului Braşov
Echipă nouă la Prefectură
New Prefecture’s Team
Nouvelle équipe à la Préfecture
Nuova squadra alla Prefettura
Braşovul, oraşul lui Kronos
Town of Cronus
Ville de Chronos
Strigarea peste sat la Şinca Nouă
The Wheel on Fire
La roue en flammes
La Ruota in fiamme
Prejmer: Clătita din căruţă
The Pancakes Festival
Le Festival des Crêpes
Il Festival delle Crêpe
Balul Dragobetelui, la Zizin
Dragobete’s Ball
Le Bal de Dragobete
Il Ballo di Dragobete
Balul Mărţişorului, la Codlea
The March Amulet Ball
Le Bal du printemps
Il Ballo della primavera
Alaiul măştilor la Budila
The Masks Tail
Le Cortège des Masques
Il corteo delle maschere
Şezătoare la Dumbrăviţa
The Gathering
La Réunion
La Veglia
Predealul, pentru turiştii îndrăgostiţi
Predeal in Love
Predeal amoureux
Predeal innamorato
Păpuşile dansatoare din Vama Buzăului
Dancing Dolls
Les Poupées Danseuses
Le Bombole danzatrici
Zâna Măseluţă, la Teliu
The Tooth Fairy
La petite souris
La Fatina
Oul Pascal
The Paschal Egg
L’Oeuf Pascal
L’Uovo Pasquale
Hristos a Înviat!
The Resurrection

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The Gathering



In Dumbravita village, the inhabitants celebrate „The Gathering”, a custom linked to the end of winter and the beginning of spring, the awakening to life. Usually, the habit is held by the village's women, girls and wives mixed together at the same feast.

Noise and Yells

Usually, the gatherings are held by turn at each participant’s, but the women can also hire a permanent host. Each brings wood for fire, cleans the house and cares the furniture. The women come at the gathering after dusk, and usually in groups, all at once. They call each other by making noise, blowing the horn or yelling across the village’s streets.

Work Education

As mayor Zachiu Popa says, young boys and men are also allowed to attend the gathering. „They learn together important household crafts, interpret the work’s significance and understand for the first time what love means. The Gathering is a true education of the people through work. Women learn here to spin hemp, flax, wool, how to weave and sew traditional shirts and towels. They also manufacture the dowry for the marriageable girls”.

The Bride’s Distaff

At the gathering, young women gossip about the boys ready to enlist or the marriageable girls. Young girls are initiated into the household works before marriage. The girl to become bride receives as a gift „the bride’s distaff”. The future bride is seated in the middle of the room, while the girls and wives dance in circle, imitating the movements of the hemp’s cultivation.


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