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Nr: 54-55
January-February 2009

Patinoar olimpic la Braşov
Olympic Skating Rink
Pattinatoio olimpico
150 de ani de la Unirea Principatelor
The Little Union
La Petite Union
La Piccola Unione
Delegaţie italiană la Prefectură
Investments & Culture
Investissements et Culture
Investimenti & Cultura
Floarea Reginei
The Queen?s Flower
La Fleur de la Reine
Il Fiore della Regina
Constantin Brâncuşi Fotograf
Brancusi Photographer
Brancusi photographe
Brancusi Fotografo
ARO PALACE ? Vinuri de 5 stele
Five stars wines
Vins de cinq étoiles
Fosnic la Cuciulata
Boboteaza ? sfinţirea apelor
The Epiphany
Spiritualitate şi artă la Codlea
Titans of Codlea
Titans de Codlea
I Titani di Codlea
?Destinaţie Turistică de Excelenţă?
Historical Corridor
Couloir Historique
Corridoio storico
Salba cu istorie de la Homorod
The Bacon?s Tower
La Tour du Lard
La Torre del Lardo
Muzeul Etnografic ?Gheorghe Cernea? din Rupea
The rural world of Rupea
Le monde rural de Rupea
Il mondo rurale di Rupea
Vama Buzăului şi ?Valea Zimbrilor?
The Aurochs Valley
La Vallée d'Aurochs
La Valle degli Uri
Predealul de la sport extrem la schi
Extreme Predeal
Predeal extrême
Predeal estremo

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The Epiphany

The Epiphany, called ?Boboteaza? in the Romanian Christian calendar, is celebrated in various ways in the villages of Brasov county. The feast marks the end of the winter Holidays and it?s celebrated as a big popular feast.

The Holly Water

In the commune Cristian, the Epiphany is celebrated after the religious service held in the church. The men come out holding the vexilla ? the church flags ? and submerged them in the water of Ghimbasel creek. The priest sanctifies the waters and every spreads every parishioner with holly water.
In many villages of Tara Fagarasului, local men dive into the nearest creek around the village. This year, due to the frost, villagers were forced to break the ice in order to celebrate the Epiphany.

The Ice Cross

In Beclean commune, villagers make a cross of ice. They go then to the river to sanctify the water. The youths make a barrage of stones to accumulate as much water as possible. Then they dive in; it is an ancient habit, transmitted from father to son.

The Elders on the Logs

In Felmer village, on Rupea area, the Epiphany is the moment when locals announce the weddings. Usually, people used to make the weddings on winter. because during summer they were to busy with the field works. If until Epiphany, the future grooms failed to announce the wedding, they had to go into the forest, cut some large logs and drag them to the village, with the elders riding the logs.


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