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January-February 2009

Patinoar olimpic la Braşov
Olympic Skating Rink
Pattinatoio olimpico
150 de ani de la Unirea Principatelor
The Little Union
La Petite Union
La Piccola Unione
Delegaţie italiană la Prefectură
Investments & Culture
Investissements et Culture
Investimenti & Cultura
Floarea Reginei
The Queen?s Flower
La Fleur de la Reine
Il Fiore della Regina
Constantin Brâncuşi Fotograf
Brancusi Photographer
Brancusi photographe
Brancusi Fotografo
ARO PALACE ? Vinuri de 5 stele
Five stars wines
Vins de cinq étoiles
Fosnic la Cuciulata
Boboteaza ? sfinţirea apelor
The Epiphany
Spiritualitate şi artă la Codlea
Titans of Codlea
Titans de Codlea
I Titani di Codlea
?Destinaţie Turistică de Excelenţă?
Historical Corridor
Couloir Historique
Corridoio storico
Salba cu istorie de la Homorod
The Bacon?s Tower
La Tour du Lard
La Torre del Lardo
Muzeul Etnografic ?Gheorghe Cernea? din Rupea
The rural world of Rupea
Le monde rural de Rupea
Il mondo rurale di Rupea
Vama Buzăului şi ?Valea Zimbrilor?
The Aurochs Valley
La Vallée d'Aurochs
La Valle degli Uri
Predealul de la sport extrem la schi
Extreme Predeal
Predeal extrême
Predeal estremo

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Olympic Skating Rink


For the first time in its history, Brasov has an artificial skating rink of olympic dimensions. The initiative of building the ice arena came from Aristotel Cancescu, the Brasov County Council president. The funds were provided by the County Council. "Although it is a city with great tradition in winter sports and our ice skaters do a meritorious work in national competitions, Brasov hadn't until now a skating rink complying with the competition requirements. In October 2006, the County Council assigned an amount of 280.000 euro for a collapsible artificial skating rink of olympic size, located on the tennis courts of Olimpia base" Cancescu stated. The investment was completed at the end of 2008 and offered to the inhabitants for the 2008-2009 winter season.

Six months a year

The equipment has been installed without damaging the tennis courts. The ice is 7 inches thick. Around the track was mounted a protection fence of demountable panels stiffened with galvanized steel and PVC shockproof panels. The skating rink will be open six months a year, from September to March.

High Quality Ice

According to Marian Teleleu, director of "Olimpia" base, "Brasov has never had an olympic-sized skating rink with a last generation plant, providing a higher quality of ice. For now on, with these facilities, we can be sure that ensure that the athletes performances will increase. The skating rink will also serve for training courses and entertaining events.

Centennial Tradition

"Olimpia" Sporting Base is part of the "Skating Society, founded in March 14th 1880, by the Saxon inhabitants of Brasov, following the initiative of the attorney Karl Adam. The works started on November 13th 1894 and the next autumn the building was finished. The shady area, rich in springs that used to freeze in winter, has always been suited for a natural skating rink. The first set-up rink was inaugurated on January 22 1895. Fans of this sport, the Saxons used to skate on ice in a special atmosphere, maintained by a band singing from the balcony.

Historical Surroundings

At "Olimpia" are not just tennis courts, which turn on winter into a modern skating rink. The building, emblematic for Brasov, is a historic monument and dates back from the late-nineteenth century. In the neighbourhood there also are other imposing historical monuments: Schei Gate, Ecaterina Gate, bastions of the old fortress, the defence walls of the medieval fortress, the splendid promenade under Tampa Hill.


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