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Nr: 52-53
November-December 2008

Centenarul căii ferate Braşov ? Făgăraş
Railway Centenary
Centenaire du chemin de fer
Centenario della ferrovia
Produse tradiţionale ecologice româneşti
Ecological Tradition
Tradition écologique
Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur
Ofertă turistică: munte, rural, afaceri
National Touring Exchange
Bourse du tourisme national
Borsa Nazionale di Turismo
Aro ? Revelion de cinci stele
Tourism's Flavors and Tastes
Drumul icoanei
The Icon Path
La Voie de l'Icône
Il Cammino dell'Icona
Braşovul are un nou prefect
Brasov's New Prefect
Nouveau Préfet
Il nuovo Prefetto
Mărul dulce
The sweet Apple Tree
Le Pommier doux
Il melo dolce
Cetatea Viscri, în patrimoniul UNESCO
Viscri's Church
L'Église de Viscri
La Chiesa di Viscri
Preşedintele Ungariei, la Apaţa
High Level Visit
Visite de haut niveau
Visita ad alto livello
Zilele comunei Hălchiu
Halchiu's Days
Les Jours de Halchiu
I Giorni di Halchiu
Focul sacru din Moieciu
The Sacred Fire
Le Feu Sacré
Il Fuoco Sacro
Crăciunul la Cristian
Oaks and Fir Tree
Chênes et sapins
Querce e Abeti
Crăciunul la Hărman
History and Folklore
Histoire et Folklore
Storia e folclore
Predeal - zăpadă şi distracţie
Snow and Fun
Neige st distraction
Cooperare Braşov ? Liaoning
Romanian-Chinese Cooperation

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Tourism's Flavors and Tastes


ARO PALACE SA is waiting for you to be his guests, during Christmas and New Year, in its five modern hotels, located right in the center of Brasov. You can choose any degree of comfort: 5 stars at ARO PALACE Lux, 4 stars at ARO PALACE Business, 3 stars at Capitol, 2 star at COROANA Hotel and 1 star at ARO SPORT POSTAVARUL Hotel. CETATE and CERBUL CARPATIN Restaurants, located in the old center of Brasov, FORESTER'S HOUSE and PANORAMIC offer you traditional gastronomic dishes tradition and medieval moments in the locations at the foot of Tampa mountain (955 meters).

CETATE Restaurant

An unforgettable evening with medieval flavor can bee spent at CETATE restaurant, hosted by a historical building dating back from 1580. The building that now hosts one of the most famous restaurants in Romania, used to be one of the strategic defense fortresses of the medieval city of Brasov. Towering the surroundings, the Citadel conserves the medieval atmosphere and offers an unique view of the historic center of Brasov. Visitors are greeted by real troubadours and knights dressed in medieval costumes.

MEDIEVAL HALL ? 140 seats

The fortress's main attraction is the ?Medieval Hall? with its historical look, completed by a symphonic music program, dances and pre-classical and classic tunes.


The hall has kept its XVI century specific: armors, spears, shields and authentic tapestries. Enveloped in mystery, romance and history, those halls are the ideal place for small groups or couples.

TERRACES - 160 seats

Thanks to the very generous nature of this area of Brasov, several terraces were placed near the defense towers. During winter, tourists are welcomed here with fire camps.


Reminding the cellars once existing in the medieval castles, the wine cellar is a little Fortress's jewel where clients taste wines from famous Romanian vineyards such as: Murfatlar, Jidvei, Cotnari, Dealu Mare.


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