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Nr: 52-53
November-December 2008

Centenarul căii ferate Braşov ? Făgăraş
Railway Centenary
Centenaire du chemin de fer
Centenario della ferrovia
Produse tradiţionale ecologice româneşti
Ecological Tradition
Tradition écologique
Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur
Ofertă turistică: munte, rural, afaceri
National Touring Exchange
Bourse du tourisme national
Borsa Nazionale di Turismo
Aro ? Revelion de cinci stele
Tourism's Flavors and Tastes
Drumul icoanei
The Icon Path
La Voie de l'Icône
Il Cammino dell'Icona
Braşovul are un nou prefect
Brasov's New Prefect
Nouveau Préfet
Il nuovo Prefetto
Mărul dulce
The sweet Apple Tree
Le Pommier doux
Il melo dolce
Cetatea Viscri, în patrimoniul UNESCO
Viscri's Church
L'Église de Viscri
La Chiesa di Viscri
Preşedintele Ungariei, la Apaţa
High Level Visit
Visite de haut niveau
Visita ad alto livello
Zilele comunei Hălchiu
Halchiu's Days
Les Jours de Halchiu
I Giorni di Halchiu
Focul sacru din Moieciu
The Sacred Fire
Le Feu Sacré
Il Fuoco Sacro
Crăciunul la Cristian
Oaks and Fir Tree
Chênes et sapins
Querce e Abeti
Crăciunul la Hărman
History and Folklore
Histoire et Folklore
Storia e folclore
Predeal - zăpadă şi distracţie
Snow and Fun
Neige st distraction
Cooperare Braşov ? Liaoning
Romanian-Chinese Cooperation

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Oaks and Fir Tree


Cristian commune is located 9 km from Brasov, on the way to Bran (DN 73). Established in the first half of the 13th century by German colonists, Cristian is first mentioned as Krestyenfalu, in a letter to King Louis of Anjou, then in 1367 (Cristian Villa), 1377 (Nova Civitas), and later, under various names as village. The secular oaks, declared monuments of the nature, are one of the major attractions of Cristian.

The Evangelical Church

The German entrenched church is located in the centre of Cristian. The entrenchment surrounding the church was built in the first half of the 15th century as an oval-shaped enclosure with eight towers and a bastion, transformed in the nineteenth century in the parish house) doubled by a wall (Zwinger) and a dike of water (covered today). The whole citadel is in good state of preservation. At the entry there is a museum exhibiting traditional clothing and old furniture.

The Orthodox Church

The monument was built in neo-Gothic style in 1795. The nave?s vaults and the altar are covered with mural paintings dating back from 1821. The church also hosts royal icons painted in 1770, and a silver cup made by the goldsmith of Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu.

Christmas Tradition

Mayor Dragos Serafim invites in Cristian all those who want to discover German and Romanian authentic Christmas traditions. ?Both ethnics go to church for the Nativity religious service. Then every family gather under the Christmas tree?s branches to wait Santa Claus with great excitement.


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