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Nr: 50-51
September-October 2008

Judeţul Braşov implicat în sport
Sport in Brasov County
Sport dans le département
Sport nella Provincia
Instituţia Prefectului promovează cultura şi religia
Traditions and Customs
Traditions et Coutumes
Tradizioni e costumi
Satul lui Augustin
Augustin?s Village
Le Village d?Augustin
IL Villaggio d?Agostino
Zilele Codlei - Kronenfest
Codlea?s Days
Les Jours de Codlea
I Giorni di Codlea
Zillele Dumbrăviţei
Dumbravita?s Days
Les Jours de Dumbravita
I Giorni di Dumbravita
Zilele Cetăţii Făgăraşului
Fagaras Citadel?s Days
Les Jours de la Citadelle
I Giorni della Cittadella
Hălmeagul şi bustul Împărătesei Sziszi
The Village and the Empress
Le village et l?impératrice
Il villaggio e l?imperatrice
Istorie şi tradiţie la Ormeniş
Ormenis Days
Les Jours de Ormenis
I Giorni di Ormenis
Biserica sub formă de cruce
St. Peter and Paul Church
L?Eglise St. Pierre et Paul
La Chiesa Pietro e Paolo
Predeal 2008: ?Enescu şi muzica lumii?
Enescu and the World?s Music
Enescu et la Musique du Monde
Enescu e la Musica del Mondo
Restaurantul ?Casa Pădurarului?
The ?Forester?s House? Restaurant
La Maison du Garde-chasse
La Casa del Guardaboschi
Icoanele pictorului Ovidiu Marian
Icons on Wood
Icônes sur bois
Icone su legno
“Cerbul de Aur” – 40 de ani de existenţă
The Golden Stag
Le cerf d'or
Il cervo d'oro

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Fagaras Citadel?s Days



On 21-24 August, Fagaras celebrated The Fortress? Days, as a homage to the medieval period of the stronghold, populated once with princesses and knights. The organizers, Fagaras Local Council, the town hall Fagaras, Brasov County Council and the Centre for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Brasov, prepared projections of historical movies inside the Fortress, highlighted the traditional art of the handicrafts and offered impressive shows with knights, dancing and flags. Among the various guests ? well-known Romanian artists ? the male member of Boney M band made himself remarked.

Handicrafts? Fair
The craftsmen?s fair gathered the best craftsmen from throughout the country. The way in which products were presented, but also the attractive price made many participants to buy a souvenir. The crafts pottery and the icons painted on glass were the attraction of the event. For the first time in Fagaras, skilled artisans exhibited puppets made by maize husks, very expressive and well-dressed and decorated.

Knights and Peasants
Various bands of medieval music accompanied the amazing performances of the knights representing several chivalrous orders famous in Transylvania. The citadel?s streets were flooded with jugglers, troubadours, knights, members of medieval animation bands, people happy to see resuscitated the medieval spirit. But the past of Fagaras was also represented by the folkloric bands that treasure the rich inheritance of the spiritual patrimony of the area.


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