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Nr: 48-49
July-August 2008

Judeţul Braşov, în mandatul 2008-2012
New Mandate?s Objectives
Objectifs du nouveau mandat
Serbările Medievale ale Braşovului - Ediţia a II-a
Brasov?s Medieval Feasts
Les Fêtes Médiévales de Brasov
Le Feste Medievali di Brasov
Recreere la Codlea
Nature and Culture in Codlea
La ville des fleurs
Natura e cultura a Codlea
Zilele Ghimbavului
Ghimbav?s Days
Les Jours de Ghimbav
I Giorni di Ghimbav
Invitaţie la Hărman
Harman?s Days
Les Jours de Harman
I Giorni di Harman
Turism ecumenic la Predeal
Ecumenical Tourism
Tourisme œcuménique
Turismo ecumenico
Zilele Prejmerului
Prejmer?s Days
Les Jours de Prejmer
I Giorni di Prejmer
Măsurişul laptelui
Milk Measuring
Le mesurage du lait
La misurazione del latte
Spectacol excepţional la Sânpetru
Sanpetru?s Days
Les Jours de Sanpetru
I Giorni di Sanpetru
Buzduganul - obicei traditional al satului Drăguş
The Mace
La Massue
Il Frangicapo
Înstruţatul boului
Ox Adornment
Le Parement du Bœuf
L?adornamento del bue
Sărbătoarea Sânzienelor
The Bedstraws Fairies
Les Fées-Solidages
Gli Spiriti Femminili
Festivalul Oraşelor Înfrăţite
The Twin Towns Festival
Les Festival des villes jumelées
Festival delle Città Gemellate
Restaurantul Panoramic
Panoramic Restaurant
Le Restaurant Panoramic
?Sărbătoarea Pădurii?
Forest?s Feast
La Fête de la Forêt
Festa del Bosco
Luminiţa Gliga şi culorile misterioase
Labyrinth of Colours
Labyrinthe des Couleurs
Labirinto di colori

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Panoramic Restaurant


Panoramic restaurant group is part of Aro Palace hotel in Brasov, recognized by other prestigious hotel chains throughout the world. This catering unit is the ideal place to spend a summer day on the terrace set up in a natural environment. The restaurant offers the most beautiful panorama of the city, being situated on top of the mountain Tampa at an altitude of 960 meters. To ascend the mountain, tourists can take the cable ropeway next Forester?s House restaurant.

Delicious Meals
"Every day, tourists, both local and foreign, take the cable and ascends to recreate on our terrace restaurant and to serve the chefs? specialty, consisting of pork chop with mushroom sauce, mushrooms with escalope or to a dessert consisting cheese dumplings and pancakes with cheese, jam, chocolate, Nicolae Botaru, the unit head says.

Sport and Leisure
Tourists have the opportunity to admire a splendid landscape in the Natural Park Tampa. Those wishing to make trips to Braşov may descend on Gabony Steps, route to be travelled in one hour. The tourists who want to descend on foot can take the serpentines? road or Tampa Saddle. The bravest ones can try to reach Postavarul Pick, at 1,799 m, at the end of four hours ascension.
Sport keens can play entertaining game on Tampa glades, can browse small rugged terrain routes on bike or can jump with the paraglide. While eating on the restaurant?s terrace, tourists can admire the landscape and some of Braşov?s neighbourhoods.
Tampa mountain is also a magnet for the scientists who study the local flora.

Dinners and Conferences
Panoramic also offers the possibility to organize dinners or conferences. The restaurant's capacity is 300 seats, of which 150 in the Big Hall, 50 in the Small Hall, 100 in the Beerhouse, plus 50 seats on the terrace.
Access by cable, functional between 10.00 a.m. - 18.00 p.m.
Reservations by phone at 0040 268 475 349.


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