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Nr: 46-47
May-June 2008

Patrimoniul judeţului, valorificat la maxim
Ice, Train and Citadel
Glace, Train et Citadelle
Ghiaccio, Treno e Roccaforte
Trenul de epocă ?Dracula Expres?
?Dracula Express?
?Dracula Express?
?Dracula Express?
Inaugurarea Aeroportului la Braşov
The International Airport
L'Aéroport International
L'Aeroporto Internazionale
Ziua Europei
Europe Direct Centre
Europe Direct Centre
Il Centro Europe Direct
Proiect pilot de dezvoltare locală
Rupea-Cohalm Region
La Région Rupea-Cohalm
Zilele Braşovului
Brasov Days
Parada Junilor
The Juni?s Parade
La Parade des Juni
La Sfilata dei Juni
Troiţele junilor
The Juni?s Chapels
Les Croix-votives des Juni
L?ancona dei Juni
Festivalul ,,Buna Vestire?
Choruses and Awards
Chœurs et Prix
Cori e premi
Voluntariat la Prefectură
Forestation at Tarlungeni
Boisement à Tarlungeni
Rimboscamento a Tarlungeni
Festival folcloric la Vama Buzăului
Festival of Vama Buzaului
Festival à Vama Buzaului
Festival a Vama Buzaului
Hotel - Restaurant Coroana
Corona Hotel and Restaurant
L?Hôtel et le Restaurant Corona
L?albergo ed il Ristorante Corona
Festivalul Primăverii la Codlea
The Spring Festival
Le Festival du Printemps
Il Festival della Primavera
La pas prin Predeal
Predeal Beauties
Les beautés de Predeal
Târgul Internaţional de Carte şi Muzică, Braşov
Sounds and Letters Feast
Fête des sons et lettres
Festa di suoni e lettere
60 de ani de la înfiinţarea statului Israel
Celebration at the Synagogue
Celebrazione alla Sinagoga

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The Juni?s Parade

The most beautiful feast of Brasov is the Juni?s Parade, celebrated the first Sunday after Easter. The Juni, descendents of the inhabitants of the most ancient quarter of Brasov, march on parade on the old streets of the Brasov?s historical centre, riding impressive horses and wearing traditional clothes. Every year, before starting the descent to the old centre, Juni?s gather in front of St. Nicholas Church, waiting for the priest to consecrate their flags.

The Clarion?s Tune
On the Annunciation, considered as the most important spring day, one of the members of the group climbs the hill to play the clarion, so that all the inhabitants can hear it. The trumpeter, chosen for life, is replaced only if he got too old to climb the hill.

The Mace?s Throwing up
Another costume still conserved by the Juni of Scheii Brasovului quarter and celebrated on the same occasion is the mace?s throwing up. Juni gather once again in front of the church, no matter the weather, and throw the mace three times. Only the young Juni perform this costume; the old members of the group, along with the guests, just assist them and make sure the tradition still continues. The young girls living in the historical quarter, wearing splendid traditional clothes, help Juni to prank their horses.

Juni?s Archives
The priest Vasile Oltean, director of the Museum of the First Romanian School of Scheii Brasovului, is pleased to see that the costume?s history is attested by a lot of ancient documents. Since the remotest medieval times, the Saxons and the Magyars living here have been attended the Juni?s parade. The event always was a youth?s feast, heaving as main actors the Young Juni.


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