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Nr: 46-47
May-June 2008

Patrimoniul judeţului, valorificat la maxim
Ice, Train and Citadel
Glace, Train et Citadelle
Ghiaccio, Treno e Roccaforte
Trenul de epocă ?Dracula Expres?
?Dracula Express?
?Dracula Express?
?Dracula Express?
Inaugurarea Aeroportului la Braşov
The International Airport
L'Aéroport International
L'Aeroporto Internazionale
Ziua Europei
Europe Direct Centre
Europe Direct Centre
Il Centro Europe Direct
Proiect pilot de dezvoltare locală
Rupea-Cohalm Region
La Région Rupea-Cohalm
Zilele Braşovului
Brasov Days
Parada Junilor
The Juni?s Parade
La Parade des Juni
La Sfilata dei Juni
Troiţele junilor
The Juni?s Chapels
Les Croix-votives des Juni
L?ancona dei Juni
Festivalul ,,Buna Vestire?
Choruses and Awards
Chœurs et Prix
Cori e premi
Voluntariat la Prefectură
Forestation at Tarlungeni
Boisement à Tarlungeni
Rimboscamento a Tarlungeni
Festival folcloric la Vama Buzăului
Festival of Vama Buzaului
Festival à Vama Buzaului
Festival a Vama Buzaului
Hotel - Restaurant Coroana
Corona Hotel and Restaurant
L?Hôtel et le Restaurant Corona
L?albergo ed il Ristorante Corona
Festivalul Primăverii la Codlea
The Spring Festival
Le Festival du Printemps
Il Festival della Primavera
La pas prin Predeal
Predeal Beauties
Les beautés de Predeal
Târgul Internaţional de Carte şi Muzică, Braşov
Sounds and Letters Feast
Fête des sons et lettres
Festa di suoni e lettere
60 de ani de la înfiinţarea statului Israel
Celebration at the Synagogue
Celebrazione alla Sinagoga

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Brasov Days


In the period 1-4 May, Brasov town hall organize the 7th edition of Brasov Days. The event started with a huge parade, including the famous Juni, brass bands, several children bands, peace officers, firemen, policemen, medieval knights and ladies, old cars, buses and trucks produced by Roman SA local factory. Among thousands of tourists, there also where fans and owners of Alfa Romeo cars, gathered in the Alfa Best 2008 Caravan.

Transylvanian Knights
As mayor George Scripcaru showed, this year novelty was the presence of all knights of Transylvania, who attended The Medieval Festival ?Knights? Joust?. The various fighters of all the Transylvanian orders made an extraordinary impression with their armours and weapons. The knights contested in archery, spear throwing, sword fights, the Voivode Dagger, medieval dance and the fight demonstration ?The Pride Madness?. Impressed by the knights? performance, tourists were happy to compete too within the fight and medieval dance workshops.

Popular Artisans Fair
Brasov Days event also was an excellent opportunity to organise traditional displays such as The Popular Artisans Fair and The Flowers Fairs, set on the very old centre. The organizers also revived an old local tradition by setting up the Wine Alley and the Fruits Alley, two of the ancient streets of Brasov Citadel. All the fairs were practically assaulted by tourists, who returned home with a souvenir from the Popular Artisans Fair.
Cars Parade
Ancient cars lovers were spoiled at this edition of Brasov Days. One of the event?s attractions was the ?Trabant Club? parade. The owners of those old German cars use to organize the Trabi Trip Caravan, an already traditional picturesque way to cross countries. The Romanian owners met abroad other keens of the little car; such encounters are great opportunities to know each others and change tips to tune their rides.
During the four party days, the participants have been entertained with stand-up comedy performances, medieval tunes and folkloric music.


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