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Nr: 46-47
May-June 2008

Patrimoniul judeţului, valorificat la maxim
Ice, Train and Citadel
Glace, Train et Citadelle
Ghiaccio, Treno e Roccaforte
Trenul de epocă ?Dracula Expres?
?Dracula Express?
?Dracula Express?
?Dracula Express?
Inaugurarea Aeroportului la Braşov
The International Airport
L'Aéroport International
L'Aeroporto Internazionale
Ziua Europei
Europe Direct Centre
Europe Direct Centre
Il Centro Europe Direct
Proiect pilot de dezvoltare locală
Rupea-Cohalm Region
La Région Rupea-Cohalm
Zilele Braşovului
Brasov Days
Parada Junilor
The Juni?s Parade
La Parade des Juni
La Sfilata dei Juni
Troiţele junilor
The Juni?s Chapels
Les Croix-votives des Juni
L?ancona dei Juni
Festivalul ,,Buna Vestire?
Choruses and Awards
Chœurs et Prix
Cori e premi
Voluntariat la Prefectură
Forestation at Tarlungeni
Boisement à Tarlungeni
Rimboscamento a Tarlungeni
Festival folcloric la Vama Buzăului
Festival of Vama Buzaului
Festival à Vama Buzaului
Festival a Vama Buzaului
Hotel - Restaurant Coroana
Corona Hotel and Restaurant
L?Hôtel et le Restaurant Corona
L?albergo ed il Ristorante Corona
Festivalul Primăverii la Codlea
The Spring Festival
Le Festival du Printemps
Il Festival della Primavera
La pas prin Predeal
Predeal Beauties
Les beautés de Predeal
Târgul Internaţional de Carte şi Muzică, Braşov
Sounds and Letters Feast
Fête des sons et lettres
Festa di suoni e lettere
60 de ani de la înfiinţarea statului Israel
Celebration at the Synagogue
Celebrazione alla Sinagoga

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The International Airport


April 15 will mark the day when, in 2008, the builders set the foundation stone of the international Airport Brasov-Ghimbav. The objective has a huge strategic importance and represents the most remarkable investment in the area, so that powerful international banks have been convinced to finance the project.
The whole investment reaches about 100 million euros and will be covered through bank credits by the Canadian company Intelcan. The Canadian concern has already built eight international airports in different areas of the world. It will also be the major shareholder of the Brasov?s objective, which partners from the public administration are the county councils of Covasna and Harghita, but also the municipalities of Brasov and Ghimbav.

Glass and steel Building
The three levels building of the future airport will be made by glass and steel. The check-in area is almost the same as of the other European airports. The objective of Brasov will cover over 200 ha and its modular development will allow a capacity of two million passengers per year, while the cargo annual capacity will be expanded from 60.000 to 200.000 tones. In the first phase, the airport will have a capacity of one million passengers per year.

Nostalgic Moment
The president of the County Council Brasov, Aristotel Cancescu, remembered the regular flights the air companies used to make once here and emphasized the nostalgia of the inauguration moment. ?I am extremely happy to see this investment started in the very town of Iosif Silimon, the great airplanes designer. The investment will bring other investors in the area and will increase the number of tourists. In the near future, one million tourists will visit Brasov? Cancescu stated.

Traffic Requirements
Attending the inauguration, the Transportation minister Ludovic Orban looked happy to see the investment started and remarked the tenacity of the Intelcan representatives in accomplishing all the procedures. ?According to our estimations, the airport will be done in 30 months. The terminal and the landing path will be endowed with all the navigation systems and will meet all the requirements of the traffic. The area surrounding Brasov, from Sighisoara to Prahova Valley is usually invaded by all season tourists?.

Low Cost Companies? Interest
Ronald Weissberger, the president of the Canadian company Intelcan Technosystems Inc., happily announced that three low cost air companies - Austrian Airlines, Malev and Wizz Air ? already expressed their intention to operate in Brasov county. ?There are already logistic demands from important European countries such as Germany and Spain. There is even one from China. All that because Brasov occupies a privileged position in the merchandise traffic line. The five stars hotels of Brasov will attract a first class touring connection, with tourists willing to spend more than 1000 euros per day? Weissberger stated.

The First Passengers, in 2010
Iancu Vespasian, the head of the Monitoring commission of the airport?s works, mentioned that the airport will comply with all the European and world requirements. ?The passenger terminal is also designed according the American and Canadian standards. All the works comply with the environment protection requirements. I?m extremely happy to see set the foundation stone and the building yard started. Although the dead-line is 30 month hence, looks like the airport will be ready sooner and in 2010 the first passengers will land in Brasov?.

Benefits of a Metropolis
The mayor of Ghimbav, Toma Dorel, remarked that its town will be ?the biggest industrial platform and already became attractive in the services field. Many important companies invested here as an effect of the strategy designed to transform Brasov into a metropolis?.


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