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Nr: 46-47
May-June 2008

Patrimoniul judeţului, valorificat la maxim
Ice, Train and Citadel
Glace, Train et Citadelle
Ghiaccio, Treno e Roccaforte
Trenul de epocă ?Dracula Expres?
?Dracula Express?
?Dracula Express?
?Dracula Express?
Inaugurarea Aeroportului la Braşov
The International Airport
L'Aéroport International
L'Aeroporto Internazionale
Ziua Europei
Europe Direct Centre
Europe Direct Centre
Il Centro Europe Direct
Proiect pilot de dezvoltare locală
Rupea-Cohalm Region
La Région Rupea-Cohalm
Zilele Braşovului
Brasov Days
Parada Junilor
The Juni?s Parade
La Parade des Juni
La Sfilata dei Juni
Troiţele junilor
The Juni?s Chapels
Les Croix-votives des Juni
L?ancona dei Juni
Festivalul ,,Buna Vestire?
Choruses and Awards
Chœurs et Prix
Cori e premi
Voluntariat la Prefectură
Forestation at Tarlungeni
Boisement à Tarlungeni
Rimboscamento a Tarlungeni
Festival folcloric la Vama Buzăului
Festival of Vama Buzaului
Festival à Vama Buzaului
Festival a Vama Buzaului
Hotel - Restaurant Coroana
Corona Hotel and Restaurant
L?Hôtel et le Restaurant Corona
L?albergo ed il Ristorante Corona
Festivalul Primăverii la Codlea
The Spring Festival
Le Festival du Printemps
Il Festival della Primavera
La pas prin Predeal
Predeal Beauties
Les beautés de Predeal
Târgul Internaţional de Carte şi Muzică, Braşov
Sounds and Letters Feast
Fête des sons et lettres
Festa di suoni e lettere
60 de ani de la înfiinţarea statului Israel
Celebration at the Synagogue
Celebrazione alla Sinagoga

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Predeal Beauties

Thanks to its location, the beauty of the landscapes and the fresh air, Predeal resort always was a magnet for both tourists and creative personalities, who found here a peaceful recreation place. There are a few irresistible attractions in the area.

Polistoaca-Susai Micro-area
Polistoaca-Susai Micro-area is one of the most interesting and frequented touring places. Among them there are Susai cabin and glade, a location giving a large view over the surrounding mountains, the origin of attractive touring ranges. Polistoaca forest is an extremely interesting wood thanks to the natural forest species growing here. In the south there are wonderful little glades with a very tempting picnic landscape.
There is a direct access from Predeal through a touring range and the forestry road Polistoaca-Susai.

Fitifoiul Micro-area
Tourists are attracted in a peculiar way by this area, which includes fir and beech forests, Paraul Rece resort, Belvedere chalet allowing an enchanting view over Bucegi and Postavarul Mountains. Access through the national road DN 73A Predeal-Rasnov, 6,5 km internal sylvan road connected to DN 73A and 4,7 km internal sylvan road Joita, connected to DN 1 and DN 73A.

Bear Precipice
From DN1 Timisul Valley there is a forestry ramification leading to 7 Ladders Canyon. Another ramification leads to the Bear Precipice, a departure point of nine ranges which difficulty degrees are between 3 and 5A.
The rocky wall is accessible even on bad weather, on winter too, offering the climbers a good area for practice.

The Written Rock
A marked path starting from Predeal leads here in 2 and a half hour.
From the left to the right there are the following succession of ranges:
- The Moist Chimney - GD=3B; LC=3
- The Southern Chimney GD=3B; LC=3
- Diagonal GD=4B; LC=3
- Central Range GD=5B; LC=3
- Maciuca Pick Range GD=5A; LC=3
- South-Eastern Crest GD=4B; LC=3
There are also other 2-3 difficulty degree ranges.


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