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Nr: 36-37
July-August 2007

Poarta Ecaterina - simbol al Braşovului
Ecaterina's Gate
La Porte Ecaterina
La Porta Ecaterina
"Serbările Medievale" ale Braşovului
Braşov's Medieval Feasts
Les Fêtes Médiévales de Brasov
Le Feste Medievali di Brasov
200 de ani de prezenţă evreiască în Braşov
Graveyards and Culture
Cimetières et culture
Cimiteri e cultura
Zilele Sânpetrului
Sanpetru?s Days
Les Jours de Sanpetru
I Giorni di Sanpetru
Turism de cinci stele la Braşov
Aro Palace Excellence
L?excellence à Aro Palace
La compiutezza di Aro Palace
Zilele Codlei ? Kronenfest 2007
Codlea?s Days
L?excellence à Aro Palace
I Giorni di Codlea
Ţara Făgăraşului
Fagaras?s Land
Le Pays de Fagaras
Il Paese di Fagaras
?Mondialele? de toacă la Victoria
World Bell Board Contest
Les cloches en bois
La gara di simandro
Târgul de la Moieciu
Moieciu Summer Fair
La Foire d?Ete Moieciu
La Fiera d?Estate Moieciu
Zilele Tărlungeniului
Tarlungeni?s Days
Les Jours de Tarlungeni
I Giorni di Tarlungeni
Zilele Predealului
Predeal?s Days
Les Jours de Predeal
I Giorni di Predeal
Diplomă europeană pentru Piatra Craiului
European Diploma for Piatra Craiului
Diplôme Européenne pour Piatra Craiului
40 de ambasadori la Braşov
40 Ambassadors at Brasov
40 ambassadeurs à Brasov
40 ambasciatori a Brasov
Collaboration Brasov-Montbéliard
Collaboration Brasov-Montbéliard
Collaborazione Brasov-Montbéliard
Schimb de experienţă Veneto ? Braşov
Consulenza italiana per Brasov
Diploma europeo per Piatra Craiului
Colaborare intre Brasov si Montbeliard

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Aro Palace Excellence

ARO PALACE SA Company is a well-known leader on the national and international touring market, thanks to its accommodation and food services at high standards.
The company is one of the most important furnishers of touring services of the area connecting Transylvania and then other Romanian regions.
Among its facilities there are 5 hotels with more than 1300 places, covering comfort levels from 1 to 5 stars, 4 traditional restaurants with an exceptional culinary and environmental offer, satisfying the most exigent expectations.

Medals & Distinctions

? Issuer: Leon Jaeggi & Sons Ltd. ? The Cup and Medal for the 1st place at the ?National Contest of Culinary Art?, Bucharest 1994.
? Expogast Littoral ? Medal for the 1st place, Mamaia 1995.
? Issuer: AROOMA Berlin ? The Medal ?Culinary Olympics? - Internationale Gastronomie-und hotellerie-niesse, Teilnehmer am einmarsch der nationen, Berlin, 1996.
? Plaque and medal at the International Gastronomic Contest Kochkunstausstellung verband der koche osterreichs", Salzburg, 1996.
? Expo Crocus, Moscow ? Silver Medal at the individual contests ? Cornelia Ghisoi, chef at Aro-Palace Restaurant ? The International Culinary Cup Kremlin, Moscow 2005.
? Diploma of Honour offered by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brasov County ? the 1st position in the ?County?s Companies Top?, diplomas obtained between 1996-2005.
? The Revue ?Holidays and Travels? ? Diploma-Award ?Romanian Tourism? Superlatives?, 2005.

Romanian Touring School

SC Aro-Palace SA was established in 1991 and continues the traditions of the Romanian touring school, proved by the exceptional results across time. The medals get by the master of the culinary art at prestigious international contest are a testimony of the professionalism and passion of several generations of workers.
The collaboration and partnership relations with the Economic Highschool, the training and perfection programs of the employees and the adoption of ISO 9001 testify the continuous preoccupation to maintain and raise the quality level of the complex touring product offered to the clients of its restaurants and accommodation facilities.


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