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Nr: 36-37
July-August 2007

Poarta Ecaterina - simbol al Braşovului
Ecaterina's Gate
La Porte Ecaterina
La Porta Ecaterina
"Serbările Medievale" ale Braşovului
Braşov's Medieval Feasts
Les Fêtes Médiévales de Brasov
Le Feste Medievali di Brasov
200 de ani de prezenţă evreiască în Braşov
Graveyards and Culture
Cimetières et culture
Cimiteri e cultura
Zilele Sânpetrului
Sanpetru?s Days
Les Jours de Sanpetru
I Giorni di Sanpetru
Turism de cinci stele la Braşov
Aro Palace Excellence
L?excellence à Aro Palace
La compiutezza di Aro Palace
Zilele Codlei ? Kronenfest 2007
Codlea?s Days
L?excellence à Aro Palace
I Giorni di Codlea
Ţara Făgăraşului
Fagaras?s Land
Le Pays de Fagaras
Il Paese di Fagaras
?Mondialele? de toacă la Victoria
World Bell Board Contest
Les cloches en bois
La gara di simandro
Târgul de la Moieciu
Moieciu Summer Fair
La Foire d?Ete Moieciu
La Fiera d?Estate Moieciu
Zilele Tărlungeniului
Tarlungeni?s Days
Les Jours de Tarlungeni
I Giorni di Tarlungeni
Zilele Predealului
Predeal?s Days
Les Jours de Predeal
I Giorni di Predeal
Diplomă europeană pentru Piatra Craiului
European Diploma for Piatra Craiului
Diplôme Européenne pour Piatra Craiului
40 de ambasadori la Braşov
40 Ambassadors at Brasov
40 ambassadeurs à Brasov
40 ambasciatori a Brasov
Collaboration Brasov-Montbéliard
Collaboration Brasov-Montbéliard
Collaborazione Brasov-Montbéliard
Schimb de experienţă Veneto ? Braşov
Consulenza italiana per Brasov
Diploma europeo per Piatra Craiului
Colaborare intre Brasov si Montbeliard

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Graveyards and Culture

The Jews? Community of Brasov celebrated at the end of June 200 years of Jewish presence in town (1807-2007). The event was attended by 18 Jewish communities of Romania. Great Rabi Menahem Hacohen preached the sermon and commented the week?s periscope - Kidus, Rabi Ehrenfeld and cantor Iosif Adler, assisted by the chorus of the Choral Temple Bucharest, officiated the Holly Service and a memorial tablet marked ?200 years? was unveiled.

Eternal Jerusalem

The Art Museum hosted exceptional cultural events: the Sabbath closure (Havdala), the varnishing of the panting exhibition ?Eternal Jerusalem?; the symposium ?Multicultural Brasov and The Jews?, attended by academician Ion Ianosi. Two books were launched: ?The Jews? Community of Brasov ? XIX-XX centuries? and ?Towards The Promised Land: ISRAEL?. The well-known actress Maia Morgenstern performed an exceptional poetic moment.

Memorial Monuments

At the two Jewish graveyards were organised recollectedness moments in the memory of the departed and the Jews from North Ardeal deported to Auschwitz in May-June 1944. Roth Tiberiu, president of the Jewish Community of Brasov, considers that ?the visit at the graveyards emphasized how well-attended they are, unlike the other burial grounds in the 800 localities of Romania where Jewish used to live. Unfortunately, where Jews perished, there are no more possibilities to take care of the cemeteries?.

Jewish Moments

The Weavers? Bastion hosted the Jewish Folklore Festival, a music and dance shows performed by the Klezmer groups of Cluj, Oradea, Brasov, Bucharest and Novi-Sad. At the Cultural Centre ?Reduta?, The Jewish Theatre Bucharest presented a musical under the guidance of master Harry Eliad, also attended by the actress Maia Morgenstern.
In Cristian, at the Leisure House of the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania, the organisers handed distinctions and the chorus Yahad of the community of Brasov offered the guests a show.


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