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Nr: 32-33
March-April 2007

Braşovul la Bruxelles
Study case: Brasov County, Romania
Etude de cas: Brasov, Roumanie
Studio di caso: la provincia de Brasov
Festival Maghiar la Apaţa
Magyar Festival at Apaţa
Festival Magyar à Apaţa
Festival Ungherese ad Apaţa
Turism de cinci stele la Braşov
Five Stars Tourism at Braşov
Tourisme de cinq etoiles a Braşov
Turismo di cinque stelle a Braşov
200 de ani de prezenţă evreiască la Braşov
The Jewish Community of Braşov
La Communauté juive de Brasov
La Comunità ebrea di Brasov
Picturile lui Gabriel Stan
The Quest of Gabriel Stan
Mândra, o zonă naturală
Storage Lakes and Touring Area
Lacs d'accumulation et zone touristique
Bacini di raccolta e zona turistica
Prefecturi la standarde europene
Prefectures on EU Standrads
Préfectures à des standards UE
Prefetture a standard UE
Moieciu luptă pentru păstrarea obiceiurilor
Say "Cheese" and eat It!
La joie du fromage
L'allegria del formaggio
Muntele Tâmpa
Mount Tampa - a peculiar Reserve
Muzeul de Etnografie Braşov
Reconstituting anciens Ways of Life
Reconstituer d'anciens modes de vie
Riconstituzione di vecchi stilli di vita
Paştele şi ouăle Învierii
Easter and the Resurrection Eggs
Les Pâques et les oeufs de la Résurrection
La Pasque e le uova delle Risurrezione
Ceremonialul "Plugarul"
The Ploughman's Custom
Il Costume dell'Aratore
Predeal, ţinta vacanţelor reuşite
Predeal, the perfect destination
Predeal, la destination parfaite
Predeal, la destinazione perfetta
Fasching - Caravana Clătitelor
The Pancake Caravan
La Caravane de Crêpes
La Carovana delle Crêpes
Ceremonialul focului la Şinca Nouă
The Wheel on Fire
La roue en flammes
La Ruota in fiamme
Balul portului popular la Rupea
Popular Clothes' Bal
Le Bal de l'Habit Populaire
Il Ballo degli Abiti Popolari

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Study case: Brasov County, Romania

The Long-standing Development Agency of Brasov county (ADDJB) and the County Council, in collaboration with the Romanian County Councils? National Union, organized the conference ?Models of Community Growth in New EU Member States. Study case: Brasov County , Romania ?. The event?s partner was the Regions? Committee of Brussels.
The conference took place on March 15 at Brussels , at the Regions? Committee seat. During the week 12-16 March, it hosted a photographic exhibition dedicated to the old and nowadays Brasov , attended by 120 Romanian and foreign guests who also admired the folkloric show organise by the Centre of Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Brasov.

Multicultural diversity

The event was meant to ensure the promotion of Brasov county at European level and initiate contacts with the potential partners ? euro-regions, investors, financiers, institutions involved in the long-standing development ? interested in the potential and the county?s development opportunities.

Topics of the Regions Committee

The event was attended by the European Commissioner for Multilingualism Leonard Orban, His Excellency Ion Jinga, the Romania ?s Ambassador in the Belgium Kingdom . Dumitru Prunariu, consulting works director of the Regions? Committee, Lucio Gussetti, representative of Holstebro?s administration. The latest emphasized that the event ?covers the most important topics for the Regions? Committee: interculturalism and European citizenship and durable development and tourism?.

Answering the Integration?s Problems

?Synchronizing the Romanian society with the EU?s realities requires to increase our country?s administrative capacity to elaborate answers for the integration?s problems. One of those answers is, for our county, the Long-standing Development Agency, which goal is to eliminate as soon as possible the distance between Romania and the other EU countries and to attract communitarian funds in projects designed to increase the living standards of the county?s inhabitants?, Aristotel Cancescu, president CC Brasov stated.

Partnership ? an open Policy

Mihai Pascu, the president of the Agency, considers that time is impatient in Europe . ?This is why we?ve adopted an open policy within the European space. We plan to start as many partnerships as possible with the European officials for bidirectional transfer of Know-how. We are opened to suggestions and partnership propositions in this so generous long-standing development field?, Pascu stated.


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