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Nr: 30-31
January-February 2007

Închiderea Sărbătorilor de Iarnă
Cultural Malediction
Braşovul ? primul oraş turistic
The first touring Destination of Romania
La première destination touristique de la Roumanie
La prima destinazione turistica di Romania
Braşovul în U.E.
Brasov in EU
Brasov dans l?UE
Brasov nell?UE
Dezvoltarea turistică a Braşovului
Brasov?s touring Development
Le développement touristique de Braşov
Lo sviluppo turistico di Brasov
Poiana Braşov ? o staţiune europeană
An European Resort
Une station européenne
Una stazione europea
Tursim de cinci stele la Braşov - Aro Palace
Five stars Tourism at Aro Palace
Tourisme de cinq étoiles chez Aro Palace
Turismo di cinque stelle ad Aro Palace
Obiceiul tăierii porcului
Purifying Ceremonies
Cérémonies de purification
Cerimonie purificatrici
Augustinul şi Peştera Urşilor
No Pollution Area
Une zone sans pollution
Una zona priva d?inquinamento
Investiţie spaniolă la Hărman
Teaching Hospital at Harman
Hôpital Universitaire à Harman
Hospital Universitario a Harman
Buneştiul ? o atracţie irezistibilă
History and Present at Bunesti
Histoire et présent à Bunesti
Storia e presente a Bunesti
Primul ghiocel la Codlea
The First Snowdrop at Codlea
Le Premier Perce-neige à Codea
Il Primo Bucaneve a Codlea
Predealul ? centrul turistic al ţării
A white health Resort
Une station de cure tout blanche
Una stazione di cura tutta bianca
Descendenţii regali vând Castelul ?Dracula?
The Bran Castle
Le Château Bran
Il Castello Bran
Şercaia, accesibilităţi
Cattle and flowers
Bubalines et fleurs
Bovini e fiori
Sânpetru neolitic
History and Churches
Histoire et églises
Storia e chiese
Cultura romilor din Tărlungeni
Being Gipsy and proud of it
Être gitan en toute fierté
Essere zingaro ed esserne fiero

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An European Resort


From January 1st 2007, Romania has become member of the European Union. Complying with the European standards is now essential for the hotels chain and the restaurants net in Poiana Brasov. In occasion of the winter season?s opening, the minister of the Transportation, Constructions and Tourism, Radu Berceanu, visited Poiana. The visit ended with a hopeful conclusion: touring operators can proudly participate to the international fairs, while the landscape of Poiana can compete with the Swiss mountains.
Minister Berceanu was accompanied by local officialdom, representatives of the Investors? Association of Poiana Brasov, Team Communication and the Association for the Promotion and Tourism?s Development of Brasov county. Stana Turistica, Alpin, Piatra Mare, Sura Dacilor, Telecabina, Coliba Haiducilor, Vanatorul, Sportul, Ruia and Favorit were some of the visited locations.

Stana Turistica (The Touring Sheepfold)

Located at the entrance in Poiana Brasov, impresses first by its round hall. The entire facility is decorated in an unusual style, as an authentic Romanian sheepfold. The hosts? hospitality and the traditional Romanian gastronomy made of Stana a reference location in Poiana Brasov. Camp-fires, cookery specific to a sheepfold, the most famous Romanian wines are waiting for you only at Stana Turistica.
Phone: 0040268262391.

Alpin Complex

The Alpin Complex ? four stars hotel and restaurants ? has a privileged position in the middle of Poiana resort, which offers a magnificent view over the surrounding landscape. Endowments: 144 accommodation areas, whereby 134 double rooms, 6 executive livings, 4 suites with TV cable, international phone, mini-bar; 240 places in the restaurant; terrace; perfectly suited furniture in the mountain ambience; conference halls; annex facilities for seminaries and workshops; semi-olympic pool, very suitable to host events such as "Aqua Party", "Parade Party". Optional services and ?off road? touring offers.

Piatra Mare

Located on the highest hill of the resort, the 4 stars Hotel Piatra Mare perfectly fits into the landscape. Totally renewed, it was reopened on December 31, 2002. Complying with the 4 stars standards, the hotel is undoubtedly the most beautiful and comfortable of the whole resort. It hosted the October 2004 NATO summit and boasts very high standards.

Sura Dacilor (The Dacians? Barn)

The restaurant offers touring services with Romanian specific: traditional gastronomy, campfire, the clients can assist the cooking process performed by qualified cooks, the service is ensured by waiters wearing popular clothes, fiddlers, shows offered by folkloric bands. The inwalls and the outsides are adorned with chase furs, hunting trophies, ceramic and clay decorative elements.
Contact: Indrecan family, phone: 004 0268 262 327.

Coliba Haiducilor (The Outlaws? Hut)

Once inside, the clients can admire symbols of the popular traditions, taste meals cooked the outlaws? way, admire the Romanian culinary art exhibition, visit the larder and the cellar or to take a ride in carriage or sleigh. The goods are provided by its own farm and 100% ecological, while the wines come from the most famous vineyards of Romania. The unit is in a great demand among the foreign tourists and functions always at full capacity. Tourists can be accommodated at Casa Viorel, 4 stars villa, in exceptional conditions.
Phone: 0040268262137 ? Coliba Haiducilor and 0040268262431 ? Casa Viorel.

Vanatorul (The Hunter)

Vanatorul is the restaurant with hunting cuisine in Poiana Brasov. It is located on the left side of the road taking you to the Kanzel cable car, nestled amid tall pine tree.
Vanatorul Restaurant offers the great savor of hunt meat, such a rare and exclusive delight for gourmets; you can try here some delicious deer, bear, boar.
Phone: (068) 26 23 54.


Located on a charming landscape near the ski slopes, Sportul is one of the most representative hotels in Poiana Brasov. It boasts 89 rooms, 6 suites (two of 4 stars, four of 3 stars and three VIP), two-beds 53 rooms, double-beds 27 rooms of 3 and 4 stars).
E-mail: rezervari@allseasons.ro


The hotel is located in the middle of Poiana Brasov resort, at 1000 m height, in the very heart of the massif Postavarul. Since 2001 it?s a family business of the soccer player Adrian Ilie. The hotel has a capacity of 20 double rooms, 10 ?junior? suites, two ?presidential? suites, with a total capacity of 78 places.
Among the services: bar, international gastronomy restaurant, Spanish hall, barbeque parties, sauna, massage, jacuzzi, fitness facility and conference hall endowed with the proper equipment.


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