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Nr: 24-25
July-August 2006

Proiecte Româno - Italiene
Italian-Romanian Projects
Projets italo-roumains
Progetti italo-romeni
Activitatea Prefecturii
Blazonry and Laws
Blasons et lois
Blasoni e Leggi
Dracula pe Castelul Bran
Enlightening Bran Castle
Illuminando Castello Bran
Zilele Codlei
Codlea?s Days
Les Jours de Codlea
Hălchiul ? o atracţie irezistibilă
Churches and infrastructure
Eglises et infrastructure
Amfiteatru turistic natural ? Holbav
A Place of Refuge
Un lieu de refuge
Vacanţă la Predeal
Holliday in Predeal
Vacances à Predeal
Vacanze a Predeal
Paradis Terestru
Heaven on Earth
Paradiso terrestre
Inside Braşov ? 2 ani de activitate
Two years of Inside
Deux ans d?Inside
Due anni di Inside
Comăna ? o cetate veche
Rocks and Caves
Rocce e Caverne
Turism istoric la Lisa
Tn the History's Whirlpools
Nel vortice della storia
Invitaţie la Părău
Woods and Magic Beliefs
Forêts et croyances magiques
Boschi e credenze magiche
Incursiune la Recea
The Forest's Vow
Le serment de la forêt
Ghimbav - oraşul cu inimă săsească
The Teutonic Hallmark
L?empreinte des Teutons
Obiceiuri străvechi la Beclean
Wedding at Beclean
Nozze a Beclean
Sărbătorile Sânpetrului
Churches and Airplanes
Chiese ed aerei
Prejmerul ? în patrimoniul UNESCO
Prejmer?s Days
Les Jours de Prejmer
Carte de identitate şi cetăţenie
Identity and Citizenship

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Two years of Inside


Two years ago, a few journalists decided to put on the market a new product, totally different from those they have been working at before. Only the passion for this profession and unceasing efforts made them succeed, in spite of everything and everybody. Today, our review is two years old, an age both fragile and promising in the media. We would like to thanks all our readers from Romania and abroad, all our collaborators and those who made this dream came true.

Journalists and Researchers
A two months market survey revealed us that a consistent segment of the potential readers ? member of foreign delegations paying visits in Brasov, foreign investors in Romania, tourists on holiday had no or scarce references about this area. In order to inform all those willing to know much about our county we carried on not only journalistic activities but also researches, documentation work, historic, ethno-folkloric and geographic investigations. The information provided and the attractive and dynamic design managed to impose the review on the market. As a confirmation of the efficiency of our demarche is the great number of messages we continue to receive from the country and abroad, encouraging us to continue inform the tourist and the investors.

A spiritual Bridge
The upstanding profile of our product, dedicated to the presentation of the history, the patrimony and the realities of our county had a good reception among the Romanians living abroad. They helped us to realize that the review could be a spiritual and emotional bridge as well between them and their native places. The signals and the appreciation from various foreign ambassadors in Romania and Romanian ambassadors abroad made us believe we had accomplished the goal of disclosing in a realistic manner the beauties and the opportunities of Brasov county.

Keep reading us!
Remarkable personalities declared them impressed by the graphic and the approach of the topics. A large number of readers all over the world accessed our site www.insidebrasov.go.ro. Our advice for them and for you is to keep reading us and discover a surprising and ravishing side of Brasov county.
Contact us at insidebrasov@yahoo.com.


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