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Nr: 24-25
July-August 2006

Proiecte Româno - Italiene
Italian-Romanian Projects
Projets italo-roumains
Progetti italo-romeni
Activitatea Prefecturii
Blazonry and Laws
Blasons et lois
Blasoni e Leggi
Dracula pe Castelul Bran
Enlightening Bran Castle
Illuminando Castello Bran
Zilele Codlei
Codlea?s Days
Les Jours de Codlea
Hălchiul ? o atracţie irezistibilă
Churches and infrastructure
Eglises et infrastructure
Amfiteatru turistic natural ? Holbav
A Place of Refuge
Un lieu de refuge
Vacanţă la Predeal
Holliday in Predeal
Vacances à Predeal
Vacanze a Predeal
Paradis Terestru
Heaven on Earth
Paradiso terrestre
Inside Braşov ? 2 ani de activitate
Two years of Inside
Deux ans d?Inside
Due anni di Inside
Comăna ? o cetate veche
Rocks and Caves
Rocce e Caverne
Turism istoric la Lisa
Tn the History's Whirlpools
Nel vortice della storia
Invitaţie la Părău
Woods and Magic Beliefs
Forêts et croyances magiques
Boschi e credenze magiche
Incursiune la Recea
The Forest's Vow
Le serment de la forêt
Ghimbav - oraşul cu inimă săsească
The Teutonic Hallmark
L?empreinte des Teutons
Obiceiuri străvechi la Beclean
Wedding at Beclean
Nozze a Beclean
Sărbătorile Sânpetrului
Churches and Airplanes
Chiese ed aerei
Prejmerul ? în patrimoniul UNESCO
Prejmer?s Days
Les Jours de Prejmer
Carte de identitate şi cetăţenie
Identity and Citizenship

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Holliday in Predeal



Located at the very spot where the road crosses Carpathian Mountains from south to north, the well-know town-resort Predeal is the highest settlement in Romania (1159 m).
The environment ? a depression well sheltered by Bucegi, Baiu, Piatra Mare and Postavarul Mountains ? are a blessing for this shinny resort, providing a reach touring offer no matter the season.
Not only the Romanian and foreign adult tourist can enjoy its delights: children can also have a marvellous time. The resort?s managers prepared for them one day guided tours, touring orientation courses, tennis courts, billiard saloons, table tennis areas, rides on ATV, shows and parties.

All the Year round Resort
Established at the 16th-17th centuries, Predeal has quickly become one of the most important touring centres of the country, thanks to the very pleasant climate and the picturesque location. Permanent health resort and main target of the mountain hikes and winter sports, Predeal boasts a reach net of hotels, boarding-houses and chalets located on amazing spots. The visitors can enjoy the offer of countless restaurants, clubs, pubs, internet rooms, auditoriums, swimming pools, athletic grounds, modern cable transport facilities, rental centres for sporting gear.
This sub-mountain resort has a dry, full of ozone air. The bioclimatic low pressure atmosphere stimulates the body?s functions and lacks of allergenic agents.
Predeal territory, located in the middle of the country, 140 km distant from Bucharest, is crossed by the European road E60 and the railway connecting the capital to Europe.

Offers for Children
?On July 3-9, the Communitarian Centre Predeal organizes the holiday activity called ?Pictures Hunting?: several groups of children will travel on short touring ranges, will learn more about the area?s history, touring locations, flora and fauna, environment and survival techniques, will take pictures that will be displayed and awarded at the end. During the summer holiday, children will be involved in a lot of educational, sporting and orienting activities?, Mihail Vestea, the mayor of Predeal stated.
The modelling course organized by ?Villet Mod? company was a successful example of involving children into an entertaining activity.


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