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Nr: 24-25
July-August 2006

Proiecte Româno - Italiene
Italian-Romanian Projects
Projets italo-roumains
Progetti italo-romeni
Activitatea Prefecturii
Blazonry and Laws
Blasons et lois
Blasoni e Leggi
Dracula pe Castelul Bran
Enlightening Bran Castle
Illuminando Castello Bran
Zilele Codlei
Codlea?s Days
Les Jours de Codlea
Hălchiul ? o atracţie irezistibilă
Churches and infrastructure
Eglises et infrastructure
Amfiteatru turistic natural ? Holbav
A Place of Refuge
Un lieu de refuge
Vacanţă la Predeal
Holliday in Predeal
Vacances à Predeal
Vacanze a Predeal
Paradis Terestru
Heaven on Earth
Paradiso terrestre
Inside Braşov ? 2 ani de activitate
Two years of Inside
Deux ans d?Inside
Due anni di Inside
Comăna ? o cetate veche
Rocks and Caves
Rocce e Caverne
Turism istoric la Lisa
Tn the History's Whirlpools
Nel vortice della storia
Invitaţie la Părău
Woods and Magic Beliefs
Forêts et croyances magiques
Boschi e credenze magiche
Incursiune la Recea
The Forest's Vow
Le serment de la forêt
Ghimbav - oraşul cu inimă săsească
The Teutonic Hallmark
L?empreinte des Teutons
Obiceiuri străvechi la Beclean
Wedding at Beclean
Nozze a Beclean
Sărbătorile Sânpetrului
Churches and Airplanes
Chiese ed aerei
Prejmerul ? în patrimoniul UNESCO
Prejmer?s Days
Les Jours de Prejmer
Carte de identitate şi cetăţenie
Identity and Citizenship

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Prejmer?s Days


Prejmer distinguishes among the localities of Tara Barsei; its origins are attested by documents since the early Middle Ages. The local cultural events promote the authentic values of the local Romanian and German traditions. The feast ?Saint Apostle Peter and Paul? use to gather the whole community in an atmosphere of christian joy. The mayor of Prejmer, Constantin Serban, supported by the local council, the Centre for the conservation and promotion of the traditional culture Brasov, the orthodox parish, ANTREC and Eurorural Association Prejmer, organized a splendid show this year.

Peculiar Melting
The original character is given by the melting of two different cultures and mentalities: German and Romanian. The historic value of Prejmer stands in its history full of events and the peculiar architectural monuments within its limits: the evangelic church (13th century), the peasant citadel (15th century) ? an architectural site part of the UNESCO?s patrimony, the orthodox church ?Saints Apostles Peter and Paul? (18th century).
The inhabitants treasure the religious belief as their most precious goods. Therefore, following the initiative of vicar Serban Sorin, the local council declared the day of June 27 as ?Prejmer?s Day?, in honour of the Saints Apostles Peter and Paul.

Authentic traditional Culture
At this year?s edition, the local authorities, along with local sponsors, offered a program of reach diversity, moments of real joy for the inhabitants and their guests. Prejmer?s Days was an excellent occasion to promote and exhibit the authentic traditional culture and the art of the popular artisans. The Association of the Popular Creators of Romania, the Brass Band of the German Forum, the dance bands ?The Carpathian Stag? and ?Korona?, the minivillage ?Saint Andrew?, the vocal band ?Viva la Musica?, the Folkloric band Prejmer, the exhibit of the popular artisans were reunited into the same cultural event.

Skilled Artisans
Bikes contests, sportive fishing, horse contest and football tour were some of the multiple offers of the event, gathering competitors of all ages. The traditional art lovers had the chance to attend the workshops of the popular handicraftsmen: 500 years old traditional glass painting of Tara Barsei (Cornel Sculean), the embroidered table cloths and the dolls from Cluj (Maria Dinea), lacery frivolité (Violeta Karmen Roman) or the icons on wood (Daniel Gavril Martalogu).

Prejmer town hall
565 Mare Street, code 507165
Phone: +40 268 362 003
Fax: +40 268 362 363
e-mail: pprejmer@home.ro


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