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Nr: 24-25
July-August 2006

Proiecte Româno - Italiene
Italian-Romanian Projects
Projets italo-roumains
Progetti italo-romeni
Activitatea Prefecturii
Blazonry and Laws
Blasons et lois
Blasoni e Leggi
Dracula pe Castelul Bran
Enlightening Bran Castle
Illuminando Castello Bran
Zilele Codlei
Codlea?s Days
Les Jours de Codlea
Hălchiul ? o atracţie irezistibilă
Churches and infrastructure
Eglises et infrastructure
Amfiteatru turistic natural ? Holbav
A Place of Refuge
Un lieu de refuge
Vacanţă la Predeal
Holliday in Predeal
Vacances à Predeal
Vacanze a Predeal
Paradis Terestru
Heaven on Earth
Paradiso terrestre
Inside Braşov ? 2 ani de activitate
Two years of Inside
Deux ans d?Inside
Due anni di Inside
Comăna ? o cetate veche
Rocks and Caves
Rocce e Caverne
Turism istoric la Lisa
Tn the History's Whirlpools
Nel vortice della storia
Invitaţie la Părău
Woods and Magic Beliefs
Forêts et croyances magiques
Boschi e credenze magiche
Incursiune la Recea
The Forest's Vow
Le serment de la forêt
Ghimbav - oraşul cu inimă săsească
The Teutonic Hallmark
L?empreinte des Teutons
Obiceiuri străvechi la Beclean
Wedding at Beclean
Nozze a Beclean
Sărbătorile Sânpetrului
Churches and Airplanes
Chiese ed aerei
Prejmerul ? în patrimoniul UNESCO
Prejmer?s Days
Les Jours de Prejmer
Carte de identitate şi cetăţenie
Identity and Citizenship

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Italian-Romanian Projects


An official delegation of Modena county, Italy, was in a mid-June two days visit in Brasov. The guests met Aristotel Cancescu, president of the county council, Mihai Pascu, foreign relations director, Toma Dobrogeanu, president of foreign relations committee, among others county?s representatives. The Italian delegation was led by Emilio Sabattini, president of county council Modena, and included Beaniamin Grandi, counselor for tourism area and culture, Feruccio Masetti, head cabinet, Irene Calzolari, head of the communitarian policy?s office. The delegation was also accompanied by representatives of the Chamber of Commerce Modena, of the Federation for services to small and medium enterprises, of the farmers? confederation, of the professional industry Centre in agricultural field, E. Fantuzzi, responsible for the projects developed in Romania, Ioan Rapea and Paolo Fasano, organizers and collaborators with the two counties, Siro Peppoloni, Italian Embassy? representative in Bucharest and Valentin Pavel, his homologue in Rome.

German Tradition, Italian Businesses
Aristotel Cancescu reminded the several rounds of debates that already took place on interregional topic between Italian and local officialdom. ?I?ve met recently the Italian ambassador and made together a survey of our relationships with Italy, as the first collaborator of Romania at national level. Although there is a strong tradition of German relationships in Brasov, ranked on the top of the foreign relations, Italy already unfolds here businesses in economy and tourism through its companies. We whish to enhance in the future the collaboration in the historical monuments? field, for Italy has an impressive tradition in conserving them. The Romanian community yields various facilities regarding the labor and the touring offer?.

Full Compatibility
Toma Dobrogeanu remarked the consistence of the visitors? agenda for the two days visit. ?The collaboration with Modena district could be very profitable thanks to the various compatibilities on different fields, such as tourism and economy. The industrial tradition of Brasov, ranking it next to Bucharest, must be transformed into a touring, cultural and natural option, with the support of our special human resources. I fully support this collaboration, for there a lot of equivalences between the two regions. There are generous projects to be established and applied, privileged by the relationships between these two nations so alike?.

Commercial Investments
Valentin Pavel thanked the representatives of the Romanian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for making possible actions that support the Romanian diplomats acting in Italy. ?We are very interested in promoting initiatives designed to heighten businesses, investments, cultural and touring activities. Italy leads the top of the investors in commerce and Romania is a serious partner, ranked the 15th as Italy?s world partner?

Trade Agreement
Emilio Sabattini showed his deep interest in developing cultural relationships with Brasov county. ?During the encounters with Italian investors in Brasov and local managers came out the preoccupation for the policies regarding the local history, tourism and agro-tourism, but also turning to profit the typical products of the specific areas. We have been working on this since long ago, which allow me to say that Brasov is an important area, with common interests as to the businesses opportunities in various fields?.
The Italians were also interested in developing projects of small enterprises, handicraft and agricultural establishments. The official visit concluded by the completion of a contract concerning the trade agreement between the two regions.


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