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Nr: 183-185
September-December 2019

"Dans de vifor"
“Whirlwind Dance”
Festivalul „Cununa”, ediţia a IV-a
“Cununa” Festival, 4th Edition
Die vierte Auflage des Cununa-Festivals
Nászfesztivál IV. kiadás
Festivalul Cultural Maghiar „Țara Bârsei“
Hungarian Cultural Festival “Tara Barsei”
Das ungarische Kulturfestival „Burzenland“
Barcasági Magyar Kulturális Fesztivál
Șezătoare de poveste
Fairy-tale gathering
Ein Spinnabend zum Nacherzählen
Mesebeli fonó
Pictură murală în centrul istoric
Mural Painting in the Historical City Centre
Eine Wandmalerei im historischen Stadtzentrum
Falfestmény a történelmi belvárosban
1.000 de flori croșetate
1,000 Crochet Flowers
1000 gehäkelte Blumen
1000 horgolt virág
Biserică multimedia la Cincșor
Multimedia Church in Cincșor
Die Kleinschenker Multimedia-Kirche
Multimédiás templom Kissinken
Comăna, între ieri și azi
Comana, between yesterday and today
Comăna - gestern und heute
Komána tegnap és ma
Feldioara, o nouă destinație în inima României
Feldioara, a new destination in the heart of Romania
Marienburg/Feldioara -ein neues Reiseziel inmitten Rumäniens
Földvár, új turistacélpont Románia szívében
Hoghiz: Istorie, tradiție, natură
Hoghiz: History, tradition, nature
Hoghiz: Geschichte, Tradition, Natur
Olthévíz: Történelem, hagyomány, természet
Sâmbăta de Sus, colț de rai
Sambata de Sus, a piece of heaven
Felsőszombatfalva, az édenkert része
„Muzeul Din Școală – Sohodol”
“The School Museum – Sohodol”
„Das Museum in der Schule – Sohodol“
Múzeum az iskolában – Szohodol

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Fairy-tale gathering



The first gathering was organized in the Urban Civilisation Museum from Brasov in a historical building, an architectural monument, considered to be a time tunnel. The participants gathered in the best place for the purpose of revitalisation of domestic activities, to emphasize the role and the beauty of working with the needle, the crochet or any other object our grandmothers and great grandmothers were using to customize or enrich the local apparel.

Educational source

„We only find out about the used instruments, techniques, cuts, materials and other details when passing the doorsteps of such cultural institutions, an educational source for the community. We would like to thank the hosts for the invitation, for the special atmosphere that charmed us. We would also like to thank historian Dr. Alexandru Stanescu and curator Cristina Tanase for their presentations and we hope that this activity is the first of more to come”. declared Prof. Viviana Costan Moiseanu

The models in the museum came to life

The participants told us that „for each gathering, we take a group photo. Since the number of the members is growing, we must find a proper location to align for the group photo, so we went out of the museum. Passers-by, tourists in the area thought the models in the museum came to life. So, let’s make our museums come to life, become animated and appreciated at their true value!”

Old and new stories

These gatherings are an opportunity for sewing and crochet-knitting, but also for getting to know other people, juni or other members of the community in Schei, from whom the participants find out stories about the daily life in Schei, the oldest district in Brasov in the past. The event is organized by the Gathering in Scheii Brasovului and by the Association Ma Implic!

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