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May-September 2019

Inside Brașov 15 ani
Inside Brașov celebrates 15 years
15 Jahre Inside Brașov
15 éves az Inside Brașov România
Feldioara - „Cetatea vie”
Feldioara - “The Living Fortress”
Marienburg - „Die lebendige Burg“
Földvár – az élő vár
Zilele Comunei Hălchiu
Hălchiu Days
Die Tage der Gemeinde Heldsdorf
Höltövényi Napok
Hărman: „Chip magic, văzut în arta țărănească”
Hărman: “Magic guise, revealed by folk art”
Honigberg: „Magischer Antlitz in der Volkskunst“
Höltövényi Napok
Festivalul Vinului Rose’n’Wine 2019
Rose’n’Wine 2019 Wine Festival
Das Weinfestival Rose'n' Wine 2019
Rose’n’Wine 2019 Borfesztivál
Vama Buzăului – Capitala folk-ului românesc
Vama Buzăului – The Romanian folk music capital
Vama Buzăului - Die Hauptstadt der rumänisch Folk-Musik
Bodzavám – a román folk fővárosa
LiBEARty NU este o grădină zoologică
LiBEARty is NOT a zoo
LiBEARty ist kein Zoo
LiBEARty NEM állatkert
Brașov: poveștile orașului
Brașov: Tales of the City
Kronstadt und seine Geschichten
Brassó: a város meséi
Protocol la Curtea Regală
The Royal Court Protocol
Das Protokoll am königlichen Hof
Protokoll a Királyi Udvarban
Expoziţie de artă textilă "Déviations"
The Textile Art Exhibition "Déviations"
Die Textilkunstaustellung "Déviations"
Déviations textilművészeti kiállítás
Cerbul de Aur 2019
Golden Stag 2019
Der Goldene Hirsch 2019
Oktoberfest „2009 VS 2019”
Oktoberfest „2009 VS 2019”
Oktoberfest „2009 vs 2019“
Oktoberfest 2009 VS 2019

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Brașov: Tales of the City


The Council Square in Brașov offers tourists the opportunity to meet key figures of Braşov history, who are there in order to create a unique experience in the Ancient Fortress of Brașov. Tourists can thus discover the history of the city by talking to the tens of historical characters, they can join the pedestrian tours in the historical city center and attend the live painting of two works, with the theme “Braşov and First Person History”.

Tour guides - Characters

Locals and tourists alike can meet them in person, ask questions and, why not, even take pictures with them. Tour guides - historical figures are waiting for them with a smile, stories and tales of Brasov. The performances are inedited, the characters are wearing costumes from different historical periods, they have an imposing and elegant posture, and they punctually answer all questions addressed by the audience.

History, a tale

The cultural project “First Person History”, now at its 4th edition, is organized by Cultour Association and co-funded by Braşov City Hall.
“Because history is a tale, and we believe it is the tale that brings us together, come meet us and find out more about the lives of the most prominent Brasov figures. You will see for yourselves that “The tales of the city are your tales”, said the organizers of the event.
List of characters for 2019
1. Johannes Honterus (1498-1549)
2. Apollonia Hirscher (d. 1547)
3. Valentin Barkfark (1507-1576)
4. Michael Weiss (1569-1612)
5. Johann Martin Honigberger (1795-1869)
6. George Barițiu (1812-1893)
7. Andrei Mureșanu (1816-1863)
8. Elena Mureșianu (1862-1924)
9. Maria Baiulescu (1860-1941)
10. Annemarie Schnell – Sbârcea (1903-1984)


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