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Nr: 154-157
May-August 2017

Festivalul Promenadelor Brașovului
Brasov Promenades Festival
Das Festival der Kronstädter Spazierwege
Brassó Promenádjai Fesztivál
Uniunea Junilor, destinație turistică
Juni?s Union, a tourist attraction
Der Obervorstädter Reiterverband als Reiseziel
Junik Egyesülete ? turisztikai célpont
Festivalul "Garofița Pietrei Craiului"
'Garofita Pietrei Craiului' Festival
Das Festival "Königsteinnelke"
A Királykői Szegfű Fesztivál
Codlea, agenda de vară
Codlea, summer agenda
Sommer-Termine in Zeiden
Feketehalmi nyár napirendjén
Cetatea Feldioara, pe harta turistică a țării
Feldioara Citadel, on the tourism map of the country
Die Marienburg als touristische Sehenswürdigkeit
Földvár az ország turisztikai térképén
Festivalul Aviatic, la Ghimbav
Air Show in Ghimbav
Flugshow in Weidenbach
Vidombáki Légiparádé
Hălchiu ? Sașii se întorc acasă
Halchiu ? The Transylvanian Saxons return home
Die Sachsen kommen nach Hause
Höltövény ? a szászok hazatérnek
Zilele Hărmanului
Days of Harman
Honigberger Tage
Szászhermányi Napok
Mândra: "Dor de sat"
Mandra: 'Dor de sat'
Mândra: Sehnsucht nach der Heimat
Mundra: "Vágy a falu iránt!"
Festivalul Internațional "Suflet Românesc"
?Suflet Românesc? International Festival
Das internationale Festival "Rumänische Seele"
Román Lélek Nemzetközi Fesztivál
Festivalul de Film și Istorii Râșnov
Film and History Festival in Rasnov
Das Rosenauer historische Filmfestival
A Barcarozsnyói Történelmi Filmfesztivál
Festivalul "Rușcuța"
?Rușcuța? Festival
Das Festival "Adonisröschen"
A Hérics Fesztivál

Halchiu ? The Transylvanian Saxons return home



In Halchiu commune, Brasov County, summer is dedicated to emotional meetings, such as: ?the Transylvanian Saxons? Meeting? from Germany, born in these lands and the ?Days of Halchiu ? the Autumn Fair?. The two events are dedicated to the community members, aiming at promoting the culture of the Romanian people in town, with German ethnic influences, generally to promote the customs and traditions of the inhabitants who lived together for ages on these lands.

Transylvanian Saxons? Season

?Summer is the season of the Transylvanian Saxons, when those who left return home, to the lands where they were born. The moment is very touching and people are happy, talk to each other and tell stories. The Town Hall and the Local Council get involved in organizing the ?Meeting of the Transylvanian Saxons? event, they are welcomed, a festive meal is prepared, the Evangelical Church also participates and a celebration is organized at the Cultural Centre. These meetings are very touching, with music and joy and Saxon dancing groups. The specific gastronomy is obviously part of this event in the meeting of the Transylvanian Saxons, as well as the walks through the village, in the childhood places?, told us Mr. Ioan Garbacea, Mayor of Halchiu.

The biggest altar, in Halchiu

The representative of the Evangelical Church of Romania announced that from April to October 2017, more than 700,000 tourists shall visit 52 fortified churches of the Transylvanian Saxons. The Unitarian fortified church Darjiu (HG) adds to the existing circuit from 2016, an UNESCO site, as well as the Evangelical Church of Halchiu, from Brasov County, hosting the biggest medieval polyptic altar in a rural church.

Days of Halchiu

The Days of Halchiu are celebrated this year in September and it is intended to be an autumn fair, combined with songs, dancing and joy, with folklore groups, singers and instrumentalists. The event starts with a parade of the traditional costumes initiated in front of the Town Hall and ending on the platform between the chestnuts. The Romanian traditional customs are carried on by the folklore group ?Floare de castan? of Halchiu, who has a diversified repertory with traditional dances gathered from the entire region. This folklore ensemble was awarded several prizes and it is appreciated all over the country. The German group presenting the traditional German costume and the Saxon authentic dances is also invited to attend the event.


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