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Nr: 146-149
September-December 2016

Județul Brașov, oferta turistică
Brasov County, touristic offer
Das Tourismusangebot des Kreises Kronstadt
Brassó megye turisztikai ajánlata
Neotour ? Vacanțe la înălțime
Neotour ? Vacations on heights
Neotour - Urlaub auf der Höhe
Neotour - vakáció a magasban
Salvamont, pregătit de iarnă
Mountain Rescue, prepared for winter
Salvamont-Bergwacht bereit für den Winter
A Salvamont felkészült a télre
Vânătorii de Munte - 100 de ani
Mountain Infantry - 100 years
Ein Jahrhundert seit Gründung dieser Waffengattung
Hegyivadászok - 100 év
Cor cu tenori femei, la Dumbrăviţa
Female tenor choir in Dumbravita
Frauen als Tenor in Dumbrăvița
Női tenorkórus Szúnyogszéken
Feldioara: "Jocul Ursului"
Female tenor choir in Dumbravita
Marienburg: "Der Bärentanz"
Földvár: Medvetánc
Pădurile bătrâne de la Homorod
Old forests in Homorod
Die alten Wälder bei Hamruden
Homoródi szekuláris erdők
Mândra - Muzeul de pânze şi poveşti
Mandra ? A museum of fabrics and stories
Mândra ? Das Tuch- und Märchenmuseum
Mundra ? Vászon és Mesék Múzeuma
Ceremonial nocturn la Moieciu
Night ceremony in Moieciu
Nächtliche Feier in Moieciu
Éjszakai ceremónia Moécsen
Contactează dinozaurii!
Get in contact with the dinosaurs!
Triff die Dinos
Lépj kapcsolatba a dinókkal!
Orașul Zărnești - Reper turistic
Zarnesti town ? touristic mark
Zărnești ? Touristische Kennzeichen
Zernyest város turistacélpont
Doripesco, relaxare gastronomică
Doripesco, gastronomic relaxation
Doripesco ? gastronomische Erholung
Doripesco, gasztronómiai kényeztetés

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Neotour ? Vacations on heights


Neotour Brasov gives you a different perspective on tourism, organizes active vacations, with tours in the mountains of Romania, and also in the high mountains of the world. Being specialized in mountain tourism, the guides from Neotour accompany tourists on tracks of different difficulty levels throughout the year and provide them the necessary safety during the expeditions. For training, and also for the periodical check-up of the physical conditions, are organized weekly rounds to the mountains in the country. The tracks include a great part of the mountains in Romania: Bucegi, Piatra Craiului, Retezat, Rodnei, Iezer-Papusa, Fagaras, Parang, Apuseni.

Adventure tourism

?For the past three years we have moved to the so-called adventure tourism. We organize mountain hiking inside the country and abroad, with the guide association Summits' Experts. The organized expeditions may have a level of difficulty that can vary from simple walks in the Macinului Mountains, in the spring, to winter tours in Fagaras, a real winter mounting climbing. In the winter tours we perform exercises related to climbing angles and chokes, exercises for stopping in choke, simulated in maximum safety conditions?, said Ms Irina Cernea, Neotour Manager.

The prince and the snows

In November and December are organized week-end tours. One of the suggestions would be going up the Crai, through the chalkstone cliffs of Piatra Craiului, looking for a full relaxation. If the nights are sky blue, astronomic observations shall be made on the sky with Mr Alexandru Boru, mountain guide, who will reveal to you some of the secrets of the sky on special nights. The prince and its snows attract tourists as a magnet, have a special glow and give you the sensation that you can reach the sky with your hands.

External circuits

Besides the mountain expeditions, Neotour Brasov also organizes active cultural circuits in Peru (17 days), Morocco (11 days to visit the imperial capitals), Ethiopia or Iran, circuits where tourists visit the main objectives, archaeological sites, and also the villages where they get in connection with the people, can see and ?feel? the particularity of the area or can watch the sunset on the camel?s back, in Morocco, for instance. There are also sailing tours (with sailing ships) in the Mediterranean Sea or in the Atlantic Ocean, accompanied by a qualified skipper, on boats meeting all international requirements of security standards.


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