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Nr: 138-141
January-April 2016

Colonie de castori, la Braşov
Beaver colony in Brasov
Die Biberkolonie in Kronstadt
Hódpopuláció Brassóban
Gala Premiilor Anului 2015 în Cultură
Cultural Awards for 2015 Gala
Kultur-Preisgala 2015
A 2015-ös év kulturális díjainak gálája
Artizani braşoveni
Artisans from Brasov
Kronstädter Handwerker
Brassói kézművesek
Paştele Catolic
Catholic Easter
Katholische Ostern
A katolikus húsvét
Târgul Mărţişorului
Martisor (trinket worn in honour of March 1rst) Fair
Márciuska vásár
Câșlegile și pețitul fetelor
Shrovetide and girls wooing
Die Vorfastenzeit und der Heiratsantrag
Leánykérések ideje
Feldioara: Agenda culturală 2016
Feldioara: Cultural Agenda for 2016
Marienburg: Kulturagenda 2016
Kulturális rendezvények 2016
Ghimbav: Balul portului popular
Ghimbav: Traditional clothing ball
Weidenbach: Der Trachtenball
Vidombák: Népviselet bálja
Hărman, tradiţii autentice
Harman, genuine traditions
Echte Traditionen in Honigberg
Hermány, élő hagyományok
,,Roata în flăcări", la Şinca Nouă
,,Wheel on fire" at Sinca Noua
"Flammenrad" in Şinca Nouă
Tűzkerék Újsinkán
Teliu, vatră culturală
Teliu, a cultural hearth
Teliu als Kulturstätte
Keresztvár ? kulturális központ
"Gânduri în lemn"
"Wooden thoughts"
"Gedanken in Holz"
Fába vésett gondolatok

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Teliu, a cultural hearth


Village Teliu, county of Brasov, is one of the few localities in the county where traditions and popular costumes are sacredly preserved. A handful of heartily people set up the folk ensemble "Cetatuia" Teliu. Tens of young people in the village are rehearsing daily in order to be able to go on important stages in the country and present the traditions from Teliu. The ensemble "Cetatuia" is supported by the Town Hall and by the Local Council Teliu, with the popular costumes, travel expenses, and props. The Town Hall supports several cultural events all along the year with the purpose of promoting the customs and traditions of the area.

Festival "Vatra Satului"

The Popular Traditions Festival ? Contest "Vatra Satului" is at the 2nd edition and it is organized in June. It is an important cultural event for the county of Brasov, because folk ensembles in the county and in the neighbouring counties participate. This year, folk ensembles from Cernauti, Chisinau and Timoc are also invited to participate. More than 1,000 competitors, vocalists and instrumentalists, young craftsmen and prayer sung interpreters are invited.

Sculpture Camp

The Sculpture Camp "Old traditions in new spirit" is organized in Teliu in July by the Parish Teliu-Vale, in partnership with the Social-Cultural Association "Suflet Transilvan" and the Town Hall of village Teliu.
"We are happy to support the cultural projects addressed to young people and we are glad that people are interested in finding out the secrets of traditional sculpture in this place protected by mountains and forests with amazing landscapes, clean air and the quietness of a settlement blessed by God. They made wooden crosses and candles and learned how to use tools for this craft." declared Vasile Serban, the Mayor of village Teliu

The Days of the Village

The Days of village Teliu are organized around August 15th on the occasion of Saint Mary ? the Assumption of the Virgin. The event is at its 10th edition and starts with the traditional parade of the popular costumes, headed by the brass band. A show offered by the students of the Elementary School in the village, the Folk Ensemble "Cetatuia" Teliu and famous folk ensembles in the county is also organized. Vocalists and folk ensembles from the Hungarian and German communities are invited. The event lasts for two days, and tourists can enjoy a diversified and genuine show, as well as food specific to the region.


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