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Nr: 138-141
January-April 2016

Colonie de castori, la Braşov
Beaver colony in Brasov
Die Biberkolonie in Kronstadt
Hódpopuláció Brassóban
Gala Premiilor Anului 2015 în Cultură
Cultural Awards for 2015 Gala
Kultur-Preisgala 2015
A 2015-ös év kulturális díjainak gálája
Artizani braşoveni
Artisans from Brasov
Kronstädter Handwerker
Brassói kézművesek
Paştele Catolic
Catholic Easter
Katholische Ostern
A katolikus húsvét
Târgul Mărţişorului
Martisor (trinket worn in honour of March 1rst) Fair
Márciuska vásár
Câșlegile și pețitul fetelor
Shrovetide and girls wooing
Die Vorfastenzeit und der Heiratsantrag
Leánykérések ideje
Feldioara: Agenda culturală 2016
Feldioara: Cultural Agenda for 2016
Marienburg: Kulturagenda 2016
Kulturális rendezvények 2016
Ghimbav: Balul portului popular
Ghimbav: Traditional clothing ball
Weidenbach: Der Trachtenball
Vidombák: Népviselet bálja
Hărman, tradiţii autentice
Harman, genuine traditions
Echte Traditionen in Honigberg
Hermány, élő hagyományok
,,Roata în flăcări", la Şinca Nouă
,,Wheel on fire" at Sinca Noua
"Flammenrad" in Şinca Nouă
Tűzkerék Újsinkán
Teliu, vatră culturală
Teliu, a cultural hearth
Teliu als Kulturstätte
Keresztvár ? kulturális központ
"Gânduri în lemn"
"Wooden thoughts"
"Gedanken in Holz"
Fába vésett gondolatok

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,,Wheel on fire" at Sinca Noua


Cultural Centre Reduta, through the Traditional Culture Department, has organized the traditional custom "Wheel on fire" or "Calling out people in the village", by the care of young people from Sinca Noua, with the support of the Town Hall and of the Local Council of village Sinca Noua. Wheel on fire is a traditional custom organized in between winter and spring, ending "Câşlegile" (period of time between two Orthodox fasting periods) and now Lent begins. Young people gather in the centre of the village, they start walking in a suite accompanied by a folk music bands; three young men lead the way on horseback and reach the host where they make a halt, they get plum brandy and cakes and start a hell of a traditional dance.

Calling out people in the village

Calling out people in the village is considered by researchers a "Court". At dusk, young people gather on the top of the hills, they divide in two groups who "are calling out over the village", telling the people in the village the names of the girls who are not married, teasing the girls and boys who are still single. After a short dialogue between the two groups, young people set the straws they used to cover the wheels on fire and push them downhill. This is the main element of the ritual and symbolizes time renewal and purification, as well as soul cleaning.

The wheel as a solar symbol

The wheel as a solar symbol signifies the cyclic evolution of time, and fire is the purifying element. All young men are wearing traditional popular costumes and are involved in this custom. The girls are just accompanying them to the host where the boys are preparing the wheels. Young people start, the wheels on their shoulders, and are taking them to the hills, where they set them on fire and then throw them away downhill while still burning. After the ritual ends, young men meet young girls in the Community Centre where the folk ensemble is having a show.

Forest covenant

Another custom that will be organized in Sinca Noua is the "Forest covenant", a custom which was revived following an ethnographic research. It is also known as "Forest incantation", specific to Tara Fagarasului, in mountainous villages: Sinca, Sercaita, Lisa, Dragus, Vistea, Ucea.
Ioan Tunsoiu and Felicia Irimia, from Sinca Noua, declared that each village from Tara Fagarasului is distinct by the flower men mandatorily wear on their cap for each holiday. In Sinca Noua, the flower called "Vrasta" is made of goose feathers, peacock feathers, coloured flowers and tricolour. In the summertime, because it is hot, the cap is replaced by the hat which must have "Vrasta".

Dorin Duşa


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