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Nr: 123-125
October-December 2014

Înfrăţire Braşov ? Nurnberg
Twinning between the Cities of Brasov and Nuremberg
Die Städtefreundschaft Kronstadt ? Nürnberg
Brassó ? Nürnberg testvérkapcsolat
Proiecte de interes comunitar
Projects of Public Interest
Projekte mit Gemeindecharakter
Közösségi tervek
Braşov: Magia staţiunilor montane
Brasov: the Magic of Mountain resorts
Kronstadt/Braşov: Der Zauber der Bergkurorte
Brassó: hegyi üdülők mágiája
Biserica "Sf. Bartolomeu"
St. Bartholomew`s Church
Die Bartholomäus-Kirche
A Szent Bertalan templom
Sinagoga "Casa lui Israel"
?The House of Israel? Synagogue
Die Synagoge "Das Haus Israel"
Az Izrael háza zsinagóga
Folclor autentic, la Dumbrăviţa
Genuine Folklore in Dumbravita
Echte Folklore in Dumbrăviţa
Autentikus folklór Szúnyogszéken
Vizitează Feldioara!
Pay a visit to Feldioara!
Einladung zu einem Besuch
Látogass Földvárra!
Vacanţă de suflet, la Homorod
A Perfect Getaway in Homorod
Sommerferien in Hamruden
Vakáció Homoródon
Sânpetru: "Zâmbetul copiilor"
Sanpetru: ?A smile on children?s faces?
Petersberg: "Das Lächeln der Kinder"
Szentpéter: Gyermekek mosolya
Surate ? fraţi de cruce
Spiritual Brotherhood
Teliu: Identitate şi diversitate
Teliu: Identity and Diversity
Teliu: Identität und Vielfalt
Keresztvár: identitás és diverzitás
Vama Buzăului: Tradiţie
Tradition in Vama Buzaului
Tradition in Vama Buzăului
Bodzavám: hagyomány

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Projects of Public Interest


The Prefect`s Institution of Brasov initiated and supported several projects of public interest, including: the Anti-Drug Campaign initiated in schools, the pilot Videoconference System, the Job Shadowing Day and the Campaign on Awareness, Social Responsibility and Selective Collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), entitled the ?WEEE Recycling Week?. In December, the Prefect`s Institution shall involve in supporting several social projects for deprived persons.

The Anti-Drug Campaign

?Together with the Board for Education we have created two projects: the Anti-Drug Campaign in schools and the Job Shadowing Day. The Anti-Drug Campaign was organized as a contest. Thanks to the sponsors? support, 20,000 flyers have been made with messages against violence and drug use. The flyers were distributed to every locality and school in Brasov County. All the children participated in this contest and three winners were nominated after drawing of lots. It brings us a lot of joy knowing that these flyers were not wasted and that this campaign reached its purpose?, said Mr. Romer Ambrus Sandor Mihaly, Prefect of Brasov.

The Job Shadowing Day

Students from the High Schools in Brasov participated in the National Project Contest of the County Students Committees, for which 40 counties signed up. 46 projects were presented for four educational categories: health, environment, civism and interculturality. The County Students Council from Brasov entered the competition with the project Job Shadowing Day, which was developed in partnership with the Prefect`s Institution and the Board of Education in Brasov County. The representatives of our county were awarded the 2nd prize. The project will be in progress for the entire school year and will be continued the next school year, too.

The pilot Videoconference System

Another project was the implementation of a videoconference network between the Prefect`s Institution, the County Council and the city halls from the County of Brasov. The system featured hardware server, webcams, microphones, loudspeakers, plasma flat screens, cables, connectors, consumables and others. The costs went up to ?5,000, the money being allocated from the budget of the County Council Brasov. The system was set up using Open Source software packages, and the users were trained by the Special Telecommunication Service staff, on the basis of a collaboration protocol.


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