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Nr: 117-119
April-June 2014

"De la căruţă, la zborul cu motor"
"From carriage to motor-powered aircraft"
"Vom Pferdewagen zum Motorflug"
A szekértől a motoros repülésig
Instituţia Prefectului - 150 de ani
150 years of the Prefect`s Institution celebration
Das Amt des Präfekten ? 150 Jahre
150 éves a prefektusi hivatal
Descoperă sufletul Transilvaniei!
Discover the Heart of Transylvania!
Entdecke die Seele Siebenbürgens!
Fedezd fel Erdély lelkét!
Târgul de Florii și Paște
Florii (Palm Sunday) and Easter Fair
Virágvasárnapi és húsvéti vásár
Zilele Braşovului
The Days of Brasov
Die Kronstädter Tage
Brassó napjai
Armindeni în Transilvania
May Day in Transylvania
Das Maifest in Siebenbürgen
Májusfa napja Erdélyben
Basarabia - File din Poveste
Bessarabia ? Pages from a tale
Bessarabien ? ein Märchenland
Besszarábia ? mesék világa
Noul sezon de turism rural
A new rural tourism season
Die neue Saison im Dorftourismus
Új évad a falusi turizmusban
Bucătărie tradiţională sănătoasă
A Healthy Traditional Cuisine
Gesunde traditionelle Küche
Egészséges hagyományos konyha
Cununa Florilor ? Kronenfest
Kronenfest or Flower Crown
Das Kronenfest
Virágkoszorú ? Kronenfest
Şercaia: Ocazii suplimentare de relaxare
Extra Relaxation Opportunities in Sercaia
Schirkanyen: Zusätzliche Möglichkeiten zum Entspannen
Sárkány: Kikapcsolódási lehetőségel
Şinca Nouă ? moştenire vie
Sinca Noua, a Living Legacy
Şinca Nouă ? ein lebendiges Erbe
Újsinka ? élő örökség

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The Days of Brasov


The Days of Brasov is organized from 25th to 27th April 2014 and attracts a lot of tourists from Romania and abroad. After celebrating Easter through exhibitions of glass painted icons and dyed eggs specific to this holiday, then come the Days of Brasov which offer to locals and tourists a long series of cultural events and shows intended to bring tradition and modernity in one place. Parades of folk costumes and of Junii are being organized, as well as exhibitions, concerts performed by music bands Holograf, DJ Project and solo singer Andreea Balan.

Junii of Scheii Brasovului

The climax of the Days of Brasov is Junii (Romanian translation: young lads) festival, taking place in Scheii Brasovului; they cross the old fortress on a well-defined route and in a certain order. Early in the morning, Junii of each group prepare their costumes and adorn their horses. Proudly wearing their specific flags, each group go in line in the following order: the Young Men, the Elderly, Curcanii, Dorobantii, Brasovechenii, Rosiorii and Albiorii. In front of each group there is the bailiff followed by the flag holder with two weapon supervisors on each side. They observe the tradition by proudly wearing their specific costumes and strictly following the entire event schedule. This year Junii`s parade takes place the Sunday of Thomas when Junii perform the most outstanding show. During the parade they are welcomed with applauses and cheers and they give the salute "Christ has resurrected!"

The Folk Craftsmen`s Fair

The folk craftsmen`s fair takes place each year during the Days of Brasov, gathering craftsmen from all over the country who come here and display their creations in order to be then sold. They bring with them the specific characteristics of the regions they come from. The purpose of this fair is to try to revive the traditional folk handicrafts, to present to the urban public items that through their value and the genuineness of folk culture promote old Romanian customs. Hungarian and German folk craftsmen also take part in the fair, as well as from other Brasov ethnic groups.

A Living Museum

The old Brasov fortress becomes a living museum during this event with folk dance and song ensembles, folk artists and a wide variety of beautiful crafts that offer the tourists the possibility to admire the multicultural side of Brasov.
"The Days of Brasov" is an event highly appreciated by the people in Brasov, as well as by specialists and visitors from the country and abroad. This year, Brasov has recorded a very high number of tourists.


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