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Nr: 111-113
October-December 2013

Conferinţa finală DISTRICT +
The final conference DISTRICT +
Die Schlusskonferenz DISTRICT +
District Plus konferencia
Fatzada istorică cu lucrări murale
A historical facade with mural works
Historische Fassade mit Wandmalerei
Történelmi oromzat falfestménnyel
Braşovul, iarna
Brasov during wintertime
Kronstadt im Winter
Brassó télen
Vacanţă la Drăguş
On Holiday in Dragus
Ferien in Drăguş
Szabadság Draguson
Dumbrăviţa, satul ţânţărenilor
Dumbravita, the village of Tantareni
Dumbrăviţa, das Schnakendorf
Szunyogszeg faluja
Hălchiul de ieri şi de azi
Halchiu, past and present
Heldsdorf gestern und heute
Tegnapi és mai Höltövény
Sărbătorile, la Hoghiz
Winter holidays in Hoghiz
Die Feiertage in Hoghiz
Olthévízi ünnepek
Mândra legendară
Mandra, a legendary place
Das sagenhafte Mândra
Legendás Mundra
Bogăţie cultural-istorică, la Moieciu
Cultural and historical richness in Moieciu
Moieciu und seine kulturell-historische Vielfalt
Kulturális, történelmi gazdagság Moécson
"Festivalul Interetnic 7 sate"
"The Interethnic Festival 7 Villages"
"Das interethnische Festival der Sieben Dörfer"
7 falu interetnikus fesztivál
Tradiţii unice, la Şercaia
Unique traditions in Sercaia
Einzigartige Traditionen in Schirkanyen
Egyedi szokások Sárkányban
Ungra, colţ de Rai
Ungra, a corner of Heaven
Galt/Ungra ? ein Stück Paradies
Ungra, az Éden kertje

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Cultural and historical richness in Moieciu



Moieciu includes six villages: Moieciu de Jos, Moieciu de Sus, Cheia, Drumul Carului, Magura and Pestera, situated in the middle of the country, to the southern furthest point of Brasov County, between Piatra Craiului and Bucegi Mountains, in Rucar-Bran Pass. Each village has its own attractions: "The Bat Cave" in the village of Pestera, the traditional house Runceanu in the village of Magura. Tourist attractions in the villages of Moieciu de Jos, Moieciu de Sus, Cheia, Drumul Carului include many boarding houses, local customs and traditions, folk costumes, hand knitted wool clothing and the art of sheepskin coat making.

Surroundings of the Bran Castle

"The surroundings of Bran Castle, as well as all these pieces of cultural and historical patrimony attract the tourists visiting the region of Moieciu. The Gorge of Moieciu with Moieciu Waterfalls "La Chisetori", the Dormition of the Mother of God Church built in 1820 and painted in 1836, the house museums from the region of Bran and the local specific events are considered to be strong points of our country and represent a genuine cultural and natural heritage. An important holiday for the entire community is "Focul lui Sumedru" (The Fire of Sumedru) which is organized each year on October 26th on Saint Demetrius`s Day. People make sacred fires on the surrounding hills and celebrate this nocturnal custom to welcome the New Year, as it used to be done in the past. This custom and many others take place around Christmas Day and New Year`s Day," said Mr. Nicolae Clinciu, Mayor of Moieciu.

"Tears of the earth"

The Bat Cave from the village of Pestera, commune Moieciu, county of Brasov, has a surface area of 4.80 hectares, and it is considered a national natural monument. It is included in the special protection area of the Park "Piatra Craiului" being labeled by speleologists as a small cave. Its name derives from a rare species of bats studied by specialists. The cave is humid and "tears of the earth", as the local people call them, pour out of its interior walls and roof. Calcareous deposits have been formed within the cave which is considered to be a "warm" cave. Though the area is protected, the cave may be visited without any special equipment; yet a flashlight is mandatory.

Diversified tourism

Moieciu is an area with great tourism potential, suitable for the enhancement of the value of all types of tourism. Due to the development in the latest years of the mountain resort agro tourism, 383 villas and vacation homes have been built here. The area is visited monthly by nearly 9000 tourists of which over 3.500 are accommodated in the hotels and boarding houses here. The percentage of foreign tourists is nearly 30%.


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