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Nr: 108-110
July-September 2013

Braşovul, capitala turismului montan
Brasov, capital of mountainous tourism
Kronstadt ? die Hauptstadt des Bergtourismus
Brassó: a hegyi turizmus fővárosa
Proiect româno-polonez: Transhumanţa 2013
Romanian-Polish project: Transhumance 2013
Ein rumänisch-polnisches Projekt: Transhumanz 2013
Román?lengyel terv: kétlegelős pásztorkodás 2013
Oktoberfest 2013, la cote maxime
Oktoberfest 2013 at its peak
Oktoberfest 2013 verspricht Höchstwerte an Unterhaltung
Oktoberfest 2013: csúcsrajáratva
Festivalul fanfarelor, la Codlea
The Brass Band Festival in Codlea
Das Blasmusik-Festival in Zeiden
Fúvószenekarok fesztiválja Feketehalomban
Turism ecumenic, la Cristian
Ecumenical Tourism in Cristian
Ökumene-Tourismus in Neustadt
Ökumenikus turizmus Keresztényfalván
Rusaliile, la Feldioara
The Pentecost in Feldioara
Pfingsten in Marienburg
Pünkösd Földváron
Zilele Ghimbavului 2013
The Days of Ghimbav 2013
Die Weidenbacher Tage 2013
Vidombák napjai 2013
Stejarul din Mercheaşa
The Oak Tree from Mercheasa
Die Eiche in Streitfort
A mirkvásári tölgy
Lisa: Farmecul unei comune
Lisa: The Charm of a Commune
Lisa: Der Zauber einer Gemeinde
Lisza: egy község varázsa
Cetatea Rupea: Suflet şi Divinitate
Citadel Rupea: Soul and Divinity
Die Repser Burg: Seele und Göttliches
Kőhalom vára: Lélek és istenség
Zilele Sânpetrului, Ediţia a XVIII-a
The 18th Edition of the Days of Sanpetru,
Die XVIII. Auflage der Petersberger Tage
Szentpéter napjai, XVIII. kiadás
Măsura Laptelui, la Şirnea
Measurement of the Milk in Sirnea
Das Milchvermessen in Şirnea
Tejmérés Şirneán
Tabăra de sculptură de la Teliu: "Tradiţii vechi în spirit nou"
SINAPSA - Festival Internaţional de Artă Creştină Românească

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The Days of Ghimbav 2013



The town of Ghimbav is situated on the banks of Ghimbasel River and there is evidence that this settlement has been populated ever since the Iron Age. Known as "the village near the willows", it becomes a town in 2002 and its economic and cultural ascension can be envied. Major projects are undergoing on its administrative territory, among which the biggest is the construction of the Airport Brasov-Ghimbav. The promotion of the tourist potential of the town is a top priority at this moment and the Days of Ghimbav is a good opportunity to bring cultural activities t public`s attention.

Air demonstrations

During the last decades Ghimbav town has become famous nationally and internationally due to its large production and export of aircrafts, helicopters and gliders.
"We are, of course, taking advantage of the existence of Aeroclub "Mircea Zorileanu" in the town and it was our utmost desire to offer air demonstrations to tourists, on the occasion of the Days of Ghimbav. The public is always attracted by this kind of events and we are glad that we can offer them a true air show. We have planned to organize a varied show to meet all preferences, ages and ethnic groups. We have invited famous guests, musical bands and folk dance groups to offer unforgettable entertainment moments", said Mr. Dorel Toma, Mayor of Ghimbav"

Three days of fun

The Town Hall of Ghimbav has put in place an agenda for three days of entertainment and the official opening took place in the sound of the brass band music and while air demonstrations were taking place up into the sky. The extraordinary performance by great singers, the fireworks and the disco were also included. Tourists had the possibility to taste some of the Romanian traditional food arranged on special stands inviting people to a true culinary feast. The folk groups boosted the mood of the audience and many of them interacted, sang and danced.

Home again

The "Days of Ghimbav" has become a tradition now and many of the Transylvanian Saxons settled in Germany have taken days off work to be able to attend this event. Some of them told us that they could not forget their homeland and admitted to have missed the Romanian traditional food, the old fun and the hospitality spirit that only exists here. In a nutshell, they said that Ghimbav would always remain a mirror of their soul.


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