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Nr: 105-107
April-June 2013

Aeroportul, start la pistă
Start of the airport construction
Der Flughafen: Start für die Abflugbahn
Repülőtért, start a leszállópályán
Braşovul multicultural
Brasov - a multicultural town
Das multikulturelle Kronstadt
A multikulturális Brassó
Guvernoratul Erbil, la Braşov
Erbil Governorate in Brasov
Die Leitung der Region Erbil in Kronstadt
Erbil kormányzója Brassóban
Zilele Braşovului ? "Oraşul Coroanei"
The Days of Brasov ? "Crown City"
Die Tage Kronstadts - "Die Stadt der Krone"
Brassó napok ? "A Korona városa"
Ziua Israelului, la Braşov
The Day of Israel, in Braşov
Israels Nationalfeiertag in Kronstadt
Izrael napja Brassóban
"Odaia cu Lumină Lină", în Castelul lui Dracula
"The Chamber with Soft Light", in the Castle of Dracula
"Die Kammer mit dem milden Licht" in Draculas Schloss
A lágy fény szobája Dracula kastélyában
Budila, vatră din secolul XIII
Budila, a settlement dating back to the 13th century
Budila, ein Dorf aus dem 13. Jahrhundert
Bodola, lakóhely a XIII. századból
Cristianul cu două vetre
Cristian tracing its roots from two directions
Cristian/Neustadt und seine Kerngebiete
A két központú Keresztényfalva
Artă creştină la Teliu
Christian art in Teliu
Christliche Kunst in Teliu
Keresztény művészet Keresztváron
Hărman: 1.500 de ouă încondeiate
Harman: 1500 painted eggs
Honigberg: 1.500 bemalte Eier
Szászhermány: 1 500 írott tojás
Primăvara, la Predeal
Springtime in Predeal
Frühjahr in Predeal
Tavasz Predeálon
"Dârstele Braşovului"
"The Fulling Mills of Brasov"
"Dârstele Brasovului"
"Brassó Derestyéje"

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Erbil Governorate in Brasov


The County Council (CJ) Brasov enjoyed the visit of a delegation from Erbil Region, Kurdistan. 23 members were part of Erbil ? Irak delegation; among those there was the Vice-Governor TAHIR ABDULLAH OTHMAN. The visit is a consequence of the fact that in November 2012 the cooperation and friendship agreement was signed between Aristotel Cancescu, the President of the County Council Brasov and Erbil Governor, Mr. NAWYAD HADI in the presence of the Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister, Titus Corlatean. The protocol mainly aims at supporting the economic relations between the two regions. The delegation has visited Romanian companies wishing to promote their products and services in Kurdistan: Kronospan, FlashNet, Eurostrade SRL, Galii Gallo, ADREM and SIVECO.

Mutual benefits

"During the work visit in Erbil Region we have met hospitable people willing to cooperate. By signing the Protocol, we have laid the foundations for the collaboration between the two regions. By returning the visit to the representatives of Erbil Region, I am sure we shall consolidate the Protocol. Kurdistan has a high potential and any collaboration can bring mutual benefits. I would be glad us to become a communicating bridge between you and the European Union. I mention that I was surprised to meet many Kurdish people who have studied Romania. Even among the members of this delegation there are persons who have studied here. I shall propose the Ministry of Transports to make a flight route between Otopeni and Erbil." declared Aristotel Cancescu, President of the County Council Brasov.

Business meetings

"The program of the Iraqi delegation includes five days in Brasov. Our goal was for them to discover the county of Brasov, to visit the Historical Centre of Brasov, to meet business people and discover the customs and traditions of the area. We have also taken into account organizing visits to the museums from Brasov in order to acquaint them with the cultural and historical patrimony. We have identified mutually advantageous cooperation opportunities together and we have made plans for the future." declared Mihai Pascu, Vice-President of the County Council Brasov.

Reviving relations

"I am for the second time in Brasov and I am thrilled about the efficiency of this visit. The Romanian-Iraqi relations are old and, after the change of the Communist regimes, we wish to revive and develop them. Signing the Protocol is a concrete action, and our visit wishes to lay the foundations for a real collaboration with business people, bringing benefits to the two countries. We have been received with respect and interest both by the representatives of the county, and by businessmen. We have settled collaboration projects and initiated economic relations between Brasov county and Erbil region." declared Vice-Governor TAHIR ABDULLAH OTHMAN.


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